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 Books Plus More by the Saoshyant

Please note:  An outside organization handles ordering, production and distribution of material published by H.H. Alexandra.  Any funds received by them in excess of book  expenses are used to do good works (as H.H. Alexandra encourages) and meet expenses that support her websites and distribution of information.  H.H. Alexandra has not, and does not, receive proceeds from their sale. 


The outside organization will soon have a separate page for you to go to that is automated for orders.  In the interim, if you are interested in any of the products below, please email us with your name and country and what you would like and we will forward it to them so they can provide you with costs, issue online invoices and fulfill your order. 


Her Holiness has long provided a wealth of free information and help for people (11 years of free radio shows, marathon peace broadcasts, years of posting her prophecies for free until the volunteers discovered that unscrupulous ones were taking the information and selling it as their own, years of posting free writings and blogs, providing remote healing and blessings and giving support financially, spiritually and emotionally to those in need).  There are no 3rd party ads on her sites. There are no affiliations or sponsors footing the bills. 


So, please know that when you purchase a book you are also helping to support getting Her Holiness' message out and thereby helping thousands of others. 



If there is one book that you will want to have to alert you to the TRUTH, prepare you for the FUTURE, be a resource for your SAFETY and SURVIVAL, and a GUIDELINE for day-to-day living, this is it!   "Be in the Know" is the book you will refer to over and over again to become aware and be empowered. A 'must have' for you, your family and friends.  Includes information you cannot find elsewhere, from a true living prophet.  (Includes Her Holiness' prophecies.)  Scholars, professors and those who are spiritually ripe, love this book.




Note: This book is an investment in life for the serious spiritual seeker. 


For people who do not have "Be in the Know," (per above), this book "Your Future, Your Choice:  Harmony or Upheaval" provides a collection of prophecies from Her Holiness.  She shares urgent and vital information to help mankind understand and prepare for upcoming earth changes, natural and manmade disasters as well as social, political and economic events worldwide.  She foretells what lies ahead.  She says that mankind has choice in the outcome of these forecasts.  By being aware, people have the opportunity to "stop the train," or "slow it down" by bringing about change or, if necessary, to "get off the track" to let it go by.  She gives her prophecies to allow people to be in their own empowerment and to be in a state of preparedness. Never does she give prophecies to generate fear in people - only to empower them!  


"The Etherean Travellers and the Magical Child" is a story of hope for the soul and humanity. It offers people a chance to expand their spiritual horizons, to take away the fear of death and dying, to become aware and empowered so that they can overcome all things. A unique book, it draws readers back to reread it time and time again, gaining underlying subtle insights each time.


Her Holiness Alexandra wrote this book under the name given her by First Nations - Thunderbird Woman. 


"Whispers from the Soul: Treasures of Truth" is the first in a series of small books that you can carry in your pocket or purse.  It includes short writings of spiritual wisdom from Her Holiness Alexandra that will empower and inspire you. Just open the book to any page and allow your spirit to be enriched and soar.


Watch for new pocket books in this "Etherean Pocket Gems" series of publications to be listed here.

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