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 The Etherean Travellers and the Magical Child

About the Book

The Etherean Travellers and the Magical Child is a story of hope for the soul and humanity. It offers people a chance to expand their spiritual horizons, to take away the fear of death and dying, to become aware and empowered so that they can overcome all things. A unique book, it draws readers back to reread it time and time again, gaining underlying subtle insights each time.

This is a spiritual book with a twist! It awakens people to what is really happening in the world. It teaches people to live "in the know," and not "in the now." Travellers from the Etherean Worlds provide controversial information in a blatantly honest manner, broaching subjects such as government, law enforcement and religion. 50 pages of forecasts of worldwide events provide a glimpse into our future, prompt thought, wisdom and action, and allow a chance for preparedness. Intended to raise consciousness globally, it is one of the most explosive spiritual books ever written!

Her Holiness wrote this book under the name given her by First Nations - Thunderbird Woman. 


What People Have to Say

"I just learned so much and was intrigued with so many of the ideas presented in your book."
   - Virginia Adair, author of New Daughters of the Oracle: The Return of Female Prophetic Power in Our Time

"You are a higher being who crossed the river of eternity to return to earth and bring a message of hope."
   - Ruth Montgomery, author of The World to Come

"Blessings to you for the great message of love and harmony you bring."
   - Rex Wyler, author of Pulitzer Prize-nominated Blood of the Land

“In appreciation for bringing enlightenment to a troubled world.” 

   -  Brian Desborough, author of "They Cast No Shadows" and "A Blueprint for a Better World"


"You are a holy woman that we waited for, for a long time.  You are the messenger from Creator.  I can see the eagle above your head and so we know you are the true Thunderbird Woman.  Times will be changing now very fast for you have come to the earth and saw the suffering of your people." 

   - Victor North Peigan, Elder on Brocket Reserve, Alberta, Canada


"Who is this woman - this facilitator, this death coach - and how does she know all this stuff about the hereafter? I asked her that and her answer was very long and detailed, but it came down to: Been there. Done that."

    - The Province, Vancouver, BC, Canada  

Sample Reviews 

Reviewer:  Jack Mavrik (Chicago, IL, USA)


If you always wanted to know how the spiritual world works and what you are doing on this planet, then this is the book for you. It's a very inspiring and unusual story which provides amazing insight on the Angel world and its interaction with our daily lives.

The author brings forth a warm and breathtaking story that will capture your interest and imagination almost immediately. This is a book that you will not be able to put down and I highly recommend it to anyone who wished to broaden their spiritual and intellectual mind. A book for your SOUL!!


Reviewer:  sarah wilson (Vancouver, Canada) 


Wow! What a terrific book and what an inspiring author. This book has it all. 5 star all the way!


It may scare the daylights out of some but the wise will gain incredible wisdom. This is far beyond George Orwell's 1984.


May I begin by saying that many people I have encountered are seeking to understand the seen and unseen worlds. They are also unaware and uninformed about the realities in which we live. Most are anxious, and yet at the same time apprehensive, to know what the future can hold. Most desire a peaceful world where compassion reigns. Yet, ultimately all are interested in their own soul growth and in protecting themselves and their loved ones in an ever-changing world.


Well, this book addresses it all! I have read and reread this unusual book, each time gaining new insights. It seems it triggers off the subconscious to bring forth truths from the soul. It is the most unassuming yet profound and powerful book I have ever come across and my reading list is extensive. One cannot but be changed by what Thunderbird Woman (also known as H.H. Hehpsehboah A.) has to say. She provides a tool for conscious living. It is uplifting, empowering and provokes thought, self-examination, self-improvement and global change. It breaks down the barriers of racism, prejudice, hatred and religious orientation; teaching that the future of our planet is ultimately the responsibility of each individual.


The warm, gentle, story-telling format of the first part of the book brings the reader close, reminiscent of children gathered around the storyteller. The reader is engaged, asked to think and participate while the author educates about soul, life beyond this world and personal responsibility/ accountability. It prepares us for the second part of the book where the realities of today and possibilities for tomorrow are laid out in an honest and straightforward manner. It contains future information not found elsewhere covering everything from natural disasters, to economic conditions, to wars, to politics, to religion and more. Some will be shocked and upset by what is said, but a number of the forecasts have already come into reality and others loom in our very near future. But, as the author explains, people must be aware in order to bring about change. The things foretold do not have to happen if we act. You cannot read the kind of information presented and do nothing. It prompts action through knowledge and wisdom. After all, it is our future and our children's future that is at stake.


Thank you Thunderbird Woman (H. H. Alexandra Hehpsehboah). I look forward to anything else you publish. 


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