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Her Holiness takes some of her meditation group on a spiritual journey to Mt. Shasta





New - Be Connected



 Teachings of the Saoshyant



Her Holiness Alexandra offers true spirituality

  • Advanced spiritual knowledge for the serious seeker

  • Life-after-life power

  • Compassion directed from the soul and spirit

Please Note:  A message from the volunteers who work with H.H. Alexandra.  Her Holiness is not currently able to continue to do volunteer  teachings at this time.  She has been recuperating from a serious motor vehicle accident (for which she was not at fault).  She does continue to post to her blog and offer insights and teachings in this way for the time being.  Please stay tuned for updates.  


School of Universal Knowledge 


Distance Learning 

Are you interested in participating in the most powerful spiritual awakening to connection with soul, awareness of spirit and stopping the brain from controlling and misdirecting your life?   This is your opportunity to participate in meditation and spiritual development classes no matter where you are in the world. A new distance teaching offering is coming.   Please contact us for details.  


  • Make your special day a beautiful, unique experience

  • Soul to soul commitment 

  • Blessing offered by Her Holiness

  • Memories to last a lifetime 


Spiritual Weddings


One-of-a-kind Meditation and Spiritual Development Classes

  • Develop or fine tune your precognitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities

  • Develop spiritual sight - learn to see energy

  • Learn to communicate with the Etherean World

  • Know and develop the holy being you are. Set yourself free.

  • Learn proper chanting

  • Educate soul, spirit and body to be in harmony

  • Educate children in spiritual development 

Divine Soul Energy Clearing 


Experience an extraordinarily powerful, ancient (Zarathustrian, Vedic, Hindu) and unique ceremony that clears the soul, spirit, body and mind of past indiscretions and spiritual pain and suffering. It provides a clear vehicle for soul expansion and growth. The physical body is ridden of any attached entities. Free yourself from your past and open yourself to your new forever tomorrow. A spiritual window can open for you.  People have experienced elevated awareness following clearings (clairaudience, etc.). 



Photos above and to the right show Etherean energies visible both in the fire and coming from the fire. 


Below see the "shadowing" of an entity over the person receiving a clearing. This person was wearing an eye mask but in the picture you can clearly make out eyes. The facial features are also not the person's.  Her Holiness cleared the entity, allowing the person to be free from its control. 




Etherean Light Healing 


Etherean Light is a unique form of healing brought from the Etherean Realms. It is a profoundly powerful form of spiritual / energy healing, unlike any other in practice on the planet. Etherean light differs from other forms of energy or spiritual healing as it realigns the consciousness, soul, spirit and body into harmonious living. Her Holiness Alexandra H. brings Etherean light and Etherean energies for mass healings for humans, animals, plants, etc. in need.  She also trains and oversees Etherean facilitators who help to direct Etherean healing energies.  The facilitators are the earthbound bodies used as physical anchors to provide healing


Her Holiness offers unique spiritual exercises to stimulate the soul.

  • Exercise your soul, spirit, mind and body

  • Bring yourself into alignment 

  • Raise your conscious and sub-conscious mind into full awareness

  • Awaken your true self

  • Become empowered from within

  • Prepare yourself for the future

  • Become whole

A survivor of four life-after-life experiences, including being declared dead for more than two hours, Her Holiness brings unrestricted and unparalleled spiritual knowledge to empower you in your soul's journey. 

Yoga for the Soul 





As the white lily arrives whole and unfolds itself, so does the soul arrive to awaken the spirit, mind and body in all their divinity, to rest upon the lake of life and become all knowing.

         - H.H. Alexandra H..


If you would like more information regarding any of the above offerings, please contact us.  

Visit The Cosmic Energy Experience and Eye on the Future Radio

 for more information about Her Holiness and her work.

 Saoshyant  Soshiant  Soshyant  Sushiant  Sushyant  Saoshant  

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