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 Message from the Saoshyant ™

In the Words of the Saoshyant


I was sent by the All Divine, All Perfect in the universe, as a messenger and mother for humanity.  I come with true love for humanity and the planet and understand the great difficulties which exist in a place where true spirituality is hard for most to understand.  This is a time when the mechanized world is ripping people away from their divine soul frequencies and where certain powers upon the planet are making existence for the divine - the gentle beings - a hard-to-travel journey in a "me" oriented society.  If they could take the freedom of your soul - of your very being - and commercialize it, these powers would all too happily engage in robbing humanity of its highest divinity.  It is the weak and spiritually feeble who need the help from the most beloved upon the planet.  


In these ever-so-vast and fast-changing times, only those who are spiritually sound and centred, who have true understanding and love and who do not engage in narcissistic behaviour or religious bigotry, will become the perfect lights on the planet. For you who are there as gentle beings, I call upon you to assist with your great light, love and compassion to warm the hearts of those who live on an ever so "me" oriented planet - a planet where selfish harshness allows the molestation of young, innocent souls.  The very small ones need love and protection and must not be spiritually, emotionally or sexually raped by a confused, abused and distorted race which is empty of spirituality, filled with rage, lonely and in desperate need of finding their way back to the divine spirit and soul connection within. I call upon your loving natures to assist in equalizing our love for everyone by recognizing the great inner enemy and thus abandoning selfish attitudes.


I welcome you to join the wise millions who recognize that a difference can be made today upon this planet by coming together for the betterment of the all and by ending the narcissistic, grandstanding "me" society.  The spiritually enlightened need to help humanity return to compassion, kindness and goodness, for people have lost the way of gracious and gentle living.  


By great kindness and respect for life, the planet and the universe, by the desire for pure love, by cherishing others equally regardless of gender, race, creed or colour, and by now standing together, we can offer divine victory over hatred, wars, discrimination and dark acts.  Together we can create peace upon the planet and return to the teachings brought by Zarathustra and now by myself as the ever loving Saoshyant.  Prepare, for by the year 2012 the Gods of old will return to the planet and pave the way for the return of the All of the All in the universe."


Good Thoughts  ::  Good Words  ::  Good Deeds  ::  No Killing

Justice for All  ::  Change  ::  Living the Highest Light of One's Soul


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Have No Fear ... Be at Peace ... Be Empowered in Your Own Pureness


Calling all souls, weak and strong, pure and falling or even fallen, to be free of religions and to be spiritually awakened during these changing times.  So many have come to grade themselves.  Let me say, let not one grade him or herself.  Hear with your heart and act in wisdom with your soul. 


I call you all in compassion to raise yourself up to end all hatred and life-destroying confusions.  Have a pure life, living in discipline, with reasoned actions free of all killing and in pure soul growth.  Let us see the times of great suffering as an opportunity of growth for all humanity.  Come free of killing, mean actions and greediness.  So many are in need to calm living.


Now is the time to be aware of past- created religions born out of hatred and wars and greedy creations of a form of control over people who are not able to find the path of truth.  We need to know Creator.  Humanity, over time, had many messengers come to the planet.  And this time we need to be more awakened for our soul's safety.  There are so many changing conditions and fear tactics used to have you leave the empowered paths of self knowing and of knowing what is just.  


Have no more killing, no warring or greedy, selfish ways.  Know that you are good and free of all evil deeds.  Not one child, man or woman should be used to create wars or hatred or to take a life or be made to kill one another or to harm a human being.  They are Creator's own.  Stop the hatred.


You who seek pure karma need to know that more than 10,000 years ago the planet was warned to change and a polar shift took place.  Now again you are at the time of shifting and it has already begun.  The water upon the earth plane will change directions.  Some places will warm. Others will cool down. Greediness is great and fear again is growing.  Earthquakes are rising in many places.  


During these times compassion needs to rise again.  Honour needs to be thoughtfully passed on to the new generations.  Work on your soul for your own life to be pure.  


The story or doctrine of Josephus that was given to mankind is false.  Zarathustra said no killing.  Moses was told to not kill and he changed it since he was part of the new Jesus- created religion.  Many offshoots have since changed the wish of Creator for people to live pure, honourable lives.  Princes had wars for power and kingdoms of religions.  


Now - this year - is the time to change the course of your life for the better.  Stop hatred and ban killing around the planet.  Use T.V. as the messenger for Creator, learning to have respect for the elders who learned to reason and desire peace.  Save the pure life of women and men and guide children to say no to wars and to have pure bodies. 


  Why have so much confusion about races and racism?  The planet is controlled by the greedy, the money-hungry and by control freaks who belong in the belief of One World Order and slavery of the masses by the governments to come.  


Only those who are in the know will be in their power with seeds in fields, water purifiers, a safe place out of direct view or if in a place of action, not sticking out.  Educate your family and friends.  Know that change is on the way.   It will not last long, but long enough to discourage many - maybe 25 to 50 years in Canada, 100 years in the USA and 35 years in Europe.   There will be many religious problems with great wars spreading to North America and to other countries suffering from wars of religions which have begun  in many countries and will still keep exploding hatred seeded by the dark forces. 


Hunger and homelessness, war and hatred is created to cut back the world population.  Now is the  time for all to realise living from pure soul.  Know that the human soul is immortal and forever lasting.  It will evolve to be at peace and will celebrate life in pure harmony and joyful peace without ending.   Be mature to attain this light by the way one decides to live life in pure consciousness, making the right decisions and by taking pure actions.  Karma is an ancient  worldly way of saying to be empowered in your daily actions by pure thought, actions of harmony and by being custodians of the planet - in peace.


We need to delve into the challenges that life and our personal experiences present,  the today changes, the great difficulties we encounter with people around our planet and the foretold wars.   We need all kind, kindred spirits to be one - to support each other and to promote harmony and freedom from terror and racial hatred.




Her Holiness is known by people in India as Om Shree Shanti A Deva Dutta


"Her Holiness is an enlightened master who was known and has been known as the prophet and enlightened one since the age of three.  She was foretold to come during these times to guide and transform lives worldwide.  Her lucid, logical and practical commentaries have and are providing pure and deep insight to all who hear her speak.  She was known to come and is acclaimed to be, by students of old teachings, here to guide us, attain to be knowing and stay in a blissful state.  She has guided millions into the know and to have peace and healing - to conquer stress and attain love."

- Sri Bishnu C. Yogananda 



As Creator Calls 


I call your soul into remembering that never in this universe was there a  time when I did not exist in you, or in all life, stars, planets and galaxies.  Nor shall my Gods and Goddesses cease to be.  Your soul shall grow in divinity when you live in pureness and harmony.  Do not ever grieve over the body or earthly goods.  Just rejoice over the soul, spirit and pure mind and actions – atma – and cry for mistakes and pray for a new journey of kindness. 


And so just as it is, atma will pass from birth of the body to old age on to the after dead.  After freedom of the body, so will the soul be empowered when pure life begins after death of the body … first as a mirror of the body on the earth plane or the same on another planet.  Whatever the body progressed to, shall it still be seen – when old to be seen old, when young to be seen young.  And not forget that he or she will be seen after death as called spirit. 


Then there will be another achievement and progress to perfection.  One must progress to be in calm and wisdom and not be disturbed by the three forms of misery of attachment --- to know one owns nothing, that one is to live life in pure sanctity and peace and not to be entrapped by darkness of material being and to seek life to be pure and understanding spiritual life.  Giving is receiving, sharing in pure, connecting of the good and sweetness of souls - not of greed of what is not to be taken into the afterlife, where joy is to have total harmony. 


I, of my soul’s pure hand, find harmony together in bliss - bliss without wars and greed for all – in elated harmony – stillness.  We are of one Creation, of one connected divine All of All Pure, banning more karma on our lives and planet.  I call all to peaceful life and greed-free living.  Meditation is a need to calm the soul.  




From My Soul to Your Soul 


We all come from one source in the universes.  All choose a path knowingly or unknowingly.  Many choose a path which is a very winding road, but when consciousness awakens they can climb a straight road to the top.  If conscious living is focused on religion and being programmed, then one ends up entrapped upon and around the planet and universes, having to rework one’s holy destiny. 


Remember that there is no death but there are valleys of learning and some are very severe. My advice to all is to learn to listen to your soul.  Live slower, more consciously, stopping all hatred, confusion and suffering.


The empowered will read on through this site.  The confused will run.



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