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How You Can Help




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 How You Can Help

We are living in times of great change upon the planet.  It is critical to act now.  Say no to fear mongering.  Say yes to empowerment and positive change.



We are deeply appreciative for the kind souls who support expanding the spiritual message of Her Holiness. Gifts make it possible for her message and through it her great spiritual work of kindness and gentle caring for our living planet and all who live and travel upon it, to continue.   Gifts are used to support the dissemination of Her Holiness' teachings through her websites, blog, videos, etc.  Your gift allows her message of truth, change and peace to expand to the masses. 

We, the volunteers who work with Her Holiness, ask for your kindness in making a financial gift contribution to allow us to ensure her important message continues to go out.  She gives selflessly to us.  Let us help get the message out from the one who is helping us - the one with enough love, compassion and deep caring about our global welfare to keep giving us this tremendously empowering information, education and spiritual upliftment - the one who is encouraging us to return to Creator during these times of great change the planet will go through.  Be empowered.  Shape your future and the future of your loved ones. Be part of the solution that can forever change the lives of millions.

If you wish to help with a financial gift, please email 

 Every gift helps, no matter the amount.  Thank you!



If you have the skills, please volunteer to help us revise the websites and make information easily accessible to people.  


Please volunteer some time to help spread Her Holiness' message.  Share on forums, message boards, facebook, twitter and other social media pages. Send links along to your friends and contacts for her Her Holiness' website and blog.    Discuss the topics raised.  Follow her on twitter and facebook and pass along to your friends to have them follow too. 

Other Ways You Can Help!

If you are spiritually alive and would like to help support the work of the Saoshyant, Her Holiness Alexandra H. in educating and assisting people into awareness, empowerment and change, there are a number of other ways to do so as well.  All help is very much appreciated.

1) Change human life upon the planet by changing yourself.  First look at yourself and your day-to-day actions and how you can improve your own behaviour.  Incorporate good thoughts, good words, good deeds, no killing and justice for all in how you lead your life.  Be kind, compassionate and loving. Then see what you can improve to make the world a better place. 

2) Reach out to wake up as many as you can.  Educate them in the need for a "we" society where neighbour can help neighbour through the times ahead. 

3) Consider becoming a member of the Etherean Soul Federation to learn higher spiritual development and Etherean healing, be involved in settlement participation and more.

4) Volunteer some time in helping us with other needed activities.

      If you can assist, please email us

Thank you for helping Her Holiness to raise awareness and bring positive change upon the planet.


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