Calling Your Soul

The Saoshyant

Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah

Called the Great Peacemaker and Prophet for an Awakened Tomorrow

Empowering the soul ... Lifting the spirit 


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Let your soul shine and your spirit sing

We are living in a time of great change upon the planet. I am here to assist and guide you from now through 2026.  

Mankind is at a similar juncture in its existence to what it was before the last major polar shift, which saw the demise of Atlantis and Lemuria.  

This is your wake-up call to recreate a path for the future and seed a better tomorrow.  Stop the wars, end religious intolerance, be in harmony with soul, raise compassion and help those in need. 

My mission is to educate, enlighten and empower humanity about its true past, current conditions and future possibilities, to help bring about harmony and peace, and to raise people into their own spiritual awakening, balance and empowerment.  

"This is the long awaited one - the one found encoded in ancient religious and spiritual writings - the one long foretold - the one the

world has known as a living prophet since her "birth" - the prophet for the people, here to assist mankind through times of great upheaval and change upon the planet. There are no quatrains to decipher, no riddles from which to discover hidden meanings, no smoke and mirrors - just the blatant truth.  Her Holiness says it the way it is!"

   - Jiddu Krishnamurti (Berne, Switzerland)


"You are the messenger from the Great Spirit.  I can see the eagle above your head and so we know you are the true Thunderbird Woman.  Times will be changing now very fast for you have come to the earth and saw the suffering of your people." 

    - Victor North Peigan, Elder on Brocket Reserve, Alberta, Canada 


"Who is this woman - this facilitator, this death coach - and how does she know all this stuff about the hereafter? I asked her that and her answer was very long and detailed, but it came down to: Been there. Done that."

    - The Province, Vancouver, Canada


Spiritual Mother to Humanity


Teacher of pure spiritualism, life-after-life, honour through understanding there is a living male/female Creator, and that living in truth and harmony, free of greed, racism, hatred and prejudice, is the highest good one can achieve to create a joyous afterlife and peace on earth.


Follower of Zarathustra,

 the greatest spiritualist who ever walked the planet


Be in the Know 

Live in the Know


The now is but a fleeting moment. Blink your eyes and it is gone.  Being in the know empowers forever



I call all to return to the Creator and seek the Creator within.  This is not a religion!   This is not something new.  It is reactivation of a way of peaceful and harmonious existence - a way of life that is more than 10,000 years old.


It is bringing back ancient wisdom from the time that followed the last major polar shift, long predating religions of today such as Christianity, Islam and new Buddhism.  



Spirituality exists in the hearts and souls of mankind.  I believe in the empowerment of the individual to seek his/her highest spiritual path and to create leaders.  Are you ready to become a leader?


We are all upon the planet to open our hearts and souls to offer kindness. This is your soul's journey. You need only awaken to it.  Your own divinity will come to celebrate forever life.


Know that you are all special souls and I am calling you to open your kind and loving hearts.  Vibrate compassion. May you receive all the blessings you need to have an empowered and prosperous life. 


Please join me on my 


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about spirituality, our future, and your empowerment






Spectacular new book and movie coming - the great awakening to truth about soul - before, during and after our physical existence.





The volunteers who work with H.H. Alexandra, ask that if you are empowered by what you read here and on her blog to please give to support her work in order that she may continue to inspire and enlighten us.  

Saoshyant  Soshiant  Soshyant  Sushiant  Sushyant  Saoshant  

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