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 Be in the Know

Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah's latest book,

"Be in the Know," is one-of-a-kind! 




Finally - The Truth Exposed!


Religions  ::  Secret Societies  ::  Governments

Prophecies  ::   Preparedness  ::  Safety  ::  Survival

Golden New Era


The Great Awakener 

awakens you to your own perfection and divinity as soul


What is it that Her Holiness discloses that has put her life at risk time and time again?  Who is nervous about what she knows and what she has to say?




About the Book


If there is one book that you will want to have to alert you to the TRUTH, prepare you for the FUTURE, be a resource for your SAFETY and SURVIVAL, and a GUIDELINE for day-to-day living, this is it!   This is the book you will refer to over and over again to become aware and be empowered. A 'must have' for you, your family and friends.  Includes information you cannot find elsewhere, from a true living prophet. 

Encoded in ancient religious and spiritual writings is reference by name and place /date of "birth" to a holy messenger - a prophet -  who would come to be here during these times of great change on the planet.  Her otherworldly arrival just prior to WW II signaled the prophecy fulfilled.  We are now in the time foretold that she would walk amongst us to educate mankind about their true past, raise awareness of what is really happening in the world today and the agendas at play, look to the future and empower people to bring change and peace to a planet crying out in pain. 

This is the one European media named "The Little Prophet Extraordinaire" during WW II for the thousands of lives she saved by giving safekeeping information to the underground.  They listened then.  Will you listen now to the one with a proven track record of over 60 years of accurate global prophecies?  Day after day, her prophecies are being fulfilled.  Is your heart open?  Will you hear now or wish later that you had listened when you had a chance?  Benefit by the preparedness and safety information she brings to navigate your way through the perilous times ahead until the great Golden New Era unfolds.  Be part of bringing change to the planet.  Be empowered.  BE IN THE KNOW!

Learn about...

The soul.  Its journey - before, during and after life as you know it. What you need to do to experience ultimate soul empowerment.  How the path you choose today impacts life now and life after your physical body dies. 

One Creator. Many Gods?  Who has been here before?  Who is returning? When?  

Etherean beings. Extraterrestrials. Who walks amongst us?  Who lives in the inner earth? Who will soon be seen and why? 

What hangs in the universe. What drives that which exists. The dimensions.

The truth about reincarnation. It is not what you think.

The true origins and history of religions and spiritual practices. Plans for the New World Order Religion. What you need to know. Empowerment through truth.

How secret societies and governments fit into the picture?

The knowledge that would stop all wars and all war-like actions today!  Peace is a choice.  Change is a necessity. 

What the future holds in store. Short and long term insights everyone needs to know!  What mankind can do to bring massive change and avert or lessen the severity of what it is creating through its own neglect and abuse of mother earth.. 

The safety areas on the planet. Which areas on the planet are safest to ride out the times ahead.  What you must know to plan and prepare accordingly! 

Survival.  What happens to you in the future depends on your knowledge, wisdom and actions today. 

Hope for the future!  The coming Golden New Era. When will it happen?  How can you be part of it?


Why has this wonderful holy being been horrifically abused and tortured?  What does she know that others don't want you to know?


Why was Her Holiness put to work from the tender of age of 3 1/2 with people relentlessly seeking information from her?

What People Are Saying 

"At last, a book that is honest.  If you are a seeker of truth, I highly recommend it. This is a book I will never loan out, because I don't think I'd see it back.  Others would be too busy being awakened."

   - Vincenzo R., Genoa, Italy


"I received the book "Be in the Know" and can hardly put it down! My husband is so impressed that he wants to read it next!  And granddaughter after that!  LOL!"

    - Patricia R., Journalist, Author, Omaha, Nebraska, USA


"She's so loving, kind and genuine It's really quite refreshing. I just finished her book, people, IT-WAS-AMAZING.  It was so powerful to me, so much so, that every time I went to read it I would get so excited that I would have to take a walk just to calm down.  Haha. On top of that, while I was reading it very strange things kept happening I mean seriously incredible things but that's a story in its own rite. I just wonder if anybody else had this type of experience.  I would be interested to know."

    - BostonianPatriot (youtube user, USA)


"Her Holiness Hehpsehboah A. shares an important message to the world that should demand each persons unyielding attention. No where will you find more credible and eye-opening information than in her book Be in the Know.  Im fortunate and extremely thankful that her book was highly recommended to me. Im now feeling more peace of mind knowing what I know. Thank you Your Holiness for your continuous and loving support to all of humanity."

    - Dr. James U. Boulder, Colorado, USA


"A very eye-opening book, that is a must read!  It is not for the faint of heart, but the truth must be revealed. Thank you Your Holiness, for empowering us with your wisdom."  

    - Theodore P., Ph.D. in Philosophy (Comparative Religious

      Studies), Vancouver, BC, Canada


"I thought Buddhism was the answer but when I read "Be in the Know," I realized that my long search for spiritual awakening was over.  I feel that I am in the know now and I thank Her Holiness for taking me there." 

    - Laura R., New South Wales, Australia


"In a time when empowerment has taken selfish forms and there is religious and spiritual confusion, the solution presented to us in this book is something we all can use to make this the best place for ourselves and future generations.  This is from one who has tried it all - from new age through Buddhism and religions. Finally a book that honours both my desire to know and my own humanity.  This book shines light on our entire being and existence, without all the confusion of new ageism and other isms. There is something in it for everyone and that's what makes it such a gift to all."  

    - Rafael, Spain


"I've read the first book like a thrilling novel: reading as much as I could every day.... But it's not a bright idea (I think) to do the same with the Appendices [where] ... my advice to new readers would be: don't take too much at a time, a medicine is only a medicine in the right amount.

    - Dennis, Netherlands


"I read your book.  It's so wonderful.  The price of this book should be a ton of gold.  It covered what so many books I have on my shelf never got to - things I wanted and needed to know.  This one book covered so much more. I feel I won a prize.  Thank you for such a powerful spiritual awakening.  It has opened my eyes."

    - Fred, Brussels, Belgium

Table of Contents

           Volume 1


Chapter One: 

The Big Picture  

Chapter Two:

An Overview 

Chapter Three:

Creation and Polar Shifts 

Chapter Four: 

Origins and History of Zarathustrianism,  Religions and the New Age Movement

Chapter Five:  

New World Order, New World Order Religion, Secret Societies and Governments 

Chapter Six:   

Life Beyond Earth and Within the Inner Earth  

Chapter Seven: 

A Look Ahead  

Chapter Eight: 

Golden New Era

Chapter Nine:

Soul, Mind, Spirit, Brain and Body

Chapter Ten:

Karma and Reincarnation

Chapter Eleven: 

Spiritual Wisdom  

Chapter Twelve: 

Change, Hope and Your Soul Journey  


      Volume 2


Appendix A:  

About Her Holiness 

Appendix B:


Appendix C:  

Safety Locations

Appendix D:  

Preparation and Survival 

Appendix E:   

Memberships / Settlements 

Appendix F:   

Suggested Reading 


Throughout Her Holiness' life, her compassion and unconditional love for mankind has never wavered.  She has worked tirelessly to help countless millions, while advocating as well for mother earth. 


It is time to make a decision on your future.  

Ask yourself why you are here. What will you do with the information she gives?  


Be empowered!

Be in the know! 









The book is in two volumes (8.5 x 11 inches) and is approximately 400 pages in length.   Measures are taken in printing to ensure confidentially of the content, since certain information (e.g. re safety locations) needs to be handled with discretion.  


This book can only be ordered here. Please email us if you would like to place an order and we will forward to the outside organization which handles ordering, production and distribution of material published by H.H Alexandra.  They will provide you with details.  Please include the country and postal code to which the book would be shipped so appropriate shipping costs can be quoted at the same time. 

Each book will include a personal blessing from Her Holiness.

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