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Future Safety




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 Future Safety

 Preparations for Times Ahead

Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah alerts people as to how they can prepare for times ahead. The following advice was posted in the past as it provides information that will assist you and your loved ones to be proactive instead of reactive.  If you would like even more extensive information on safety, safety areas and survival, refer to her book, "Be in the Know" or consider becoming a member.  

September 14, 2008

Stock up on dried beans and dried onions and store in glass jars. Store rice in glass jars and place cloves on top to prevent bugs.

January 27, 2006 

After so many years of reaching out to you, this is the time you should be in the know, be empowered and give the information to your friends and neighbours.

Save organic seeds and dig in deeply once you plant them in order to protect them from radiation and ensure that food stays natural upon the planet.

Be aware that animals and birds will also need caring for during time ahead..

Get strong plexiglass and put it over your outside house windows so if someone tries to break the windows you will be safe.

Make sure your front door frame is reinforced. A metal iron type of door for front and back may keep out those who are crazed in confusion and will go after gadgets, money or food.

Have good inner tubes and rubber dinghies on hand.

Buy vitamins and store in a dark cool place.

Get a good homeopathic book and stock  up on tissue salts.

Wash old cotton bed sheets and store so they can be used for bandages and slings.

Have small slats of wood on hand that can be used as splints. Keep a first aid kit and reference book available.

Store drops for eyes.

If diabetic, stock up on extra medicine.

Have bags of hard candy and organic nuts on hand.

Help the elders of First Nations.  If you live close to the reserves, start speaking about Mother Earth and those things that are coming.

Get masks. Spraying of toxins will be occurring.

Meditate for at least an hour a day to open your heart

Many people will not understand  Reach out to help them.

You need to have good thoughts because your thoughts create.  Your good deeds heal.

You need to be kind to all. Learn to see yourself and learn to see how it would be to walk in another's moccasins. All on this planet come from this one Great Spirit. Do not be arrogant. Be kind to the animals and birds. .

If you live near patches of trees and a fire threatens,, hose them down so when the fires come you can save them.

January 6, 2006

Do not send your own to far away places now.  You will all need to stay close to each other. Life is most precious.  Being in the know is the most important thing. Be prepared.  Be peaceful. Educate others. 

Educate people on preparing for hard times, but do not disclose how you are preparing for the future to those you do not know.  There will be a law against hoarding food and supplies.  Store seeds away from your house or any place that could be searched. Otherwise, they will say you have contraband.  Be strong. 

Be in a state of preparedness. Have a backpack with supplies ready at all times, along with hiking boots.

Store food and canned goods now. Use canned foods that have been prepared with water in them (e.g. beans, vegetables).  Beets are good for your blood.  Sauerkraut is good for your immune system and will provide you with Vitamin C.  Orange juice only holds vitamin C a short time. Having enough vitamin C is a must. 

Dig trenches. Line with paper. Thoroughly wet the paper. Place soil over. Plant vegetables. When droughts occur, your vegetables will still have access to water, as the paper will have retained it. 

Grow beets, potatoes and carrots in mineral rich soil.

Dig another trench.  Bury water in plastic bottles to water your garden and preferably in glass bottles for personal consumption when droughts and water shortages occur. In darkness and with the earth vibrations, the water will stay alive.

Make sure you have clean drinking water.  Recycle the water you save to ensure you have new water available for drinking.

Investigate solar water distillation.  It will clean dirty water and take the salt out of seawater. Having charcoal will help filter also. 

Investigate home building of water filtration systems. Put together a pyramid-like shelving system to germinate your seeds. Replant in garden. 

Go to second hand stores to get old woolen coats. Make quilts, sleeping bags, baby blankets and covers from the coats.  Ensure you make enough for others as well.

Have homeopathics on hand, including Traumheel, Rescue Remedy (2-3 bottles), and plenty of multiple tissue salts. 

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December 3, 2005 

Seek places of higher and sturdy ground.


Map out how you can leave low lying areas.


Store a small shovel which can be carried and used as a paddle and to dig with. 


Store plastic and glass bottles which can be used as floats if you end up in a flooded area. 


Use inflated inner tubes as floats for flooded areas, as well. They can also be used to transport water. 


Use glass bottles to store seeds and goods for survival.


Know what you want out of your existence ..peace


Learn in a holistic way how to generate drinking water and electricity.


Store organic beet seeds.....good for pure strong blood. 


Store sauerkraut, which is good for the immune system. 


Assess, and become participants in safety....pay attention to my maps of safety areas. 


Stock up on canned goods.....fruits, mixed beans, lentils, soup, beets, and sauerkraut as they are good when you are unable to cook.  Beets are good for your blood supply and sauerkraut for your immune system.


Keep matches, natural candles, woolen socks and sweaters on hand. 


Make quilts out of old woolen coats that are no longer wearable.


Buy green tea and powdered milk.


Have aspirin, band-aids, old linen bed sheets (washed, bleached clean) ... a first aid kit is important to have. 


Keep canned sardines (if nothing else available to maintain yourself).


Store brown rice (use dry ice to preserve).


Store organic coffee (pre-ground if necessary).


Keep brandy and vodka (good for people in states of shock).


Get good hiking boots.


If you use GUM boots, they need to be large enough to wear thick woolen socks. 


Buy second hand camping tents and heavy duty plastic sheets for under tent.


Get large tarps and ropes that can be used to make a dry tent or encampment (a good sized tarp can be attained from $6-$15).


Tie together heavy plastic bottles with handles and place tarp in center.


Have multiple tissue salts on hand to maintain chemistry of minerals in body.


Use Vicks Vaporub for bruises and sprains.


Store hard candies.


Dig a fire pit with wood and rocks in order to keep a fire hot in case of emergency.


Be careful if you are relying on caves in your area for the governments are sealing many with concrete.


Store a variety of dried beans, lentils, fava beans.. they are good to maintain combustion and heat in the body.


Store dried apples, honey and maple syrup ..very important. 


If you live in an apartment or condo, put a carpet over the front door to muffle sounds. 


Know where to find pure water.


Bring small instruments with you when you leave

do not enter caves near volcanic activity, nor those prone to flooding.


Bring games to entertain everyone and small toys for the little ones.


Have a bow and arrows on hand (can bring tree branches down by shooting it with arrow to get to get fruit, etc.).


A small foldable shovel, crowbar, scissors and pliers could be useful.


Store waterproof matches.


Ensure you know how to make fire .. it is important.  Do not count on electricity or gasoline.....it will not be available in the future. 


Keep non-toxic candles and non-perfumed candles on hand. 


Live in wisdom....now is the time to educate your friends and your neighbors so all are educated in preparedness and survival. 


Learn to be survivors without committing crimes to do so.


Use wisdom and kindness ... be intelligent with friends. 


Seek love and compassion among the changes....empower yourself. 


Do not be cruel, hateful and destructive.


Do not rob or steal. 


Begging will set you up to exposure to the powers-that-be. 


Do not live in fear. 


Learn to live in kindness....be wise. 


Stop your hatred and racism.... they have never helped anyone. 


Come together as a people.


Learn to understand pain and suffering. 


Do not be politically disturbed. 


Come to a place of love with your neighbors and the children in the neighborhood. 


Do not be religiously fanatic. 


Understand creation is one. 


Understand that living in peace together will bring harmony. 


Empower the children. 


Understand that compassion will create everlasting life. 


Assess, and become participants in safety....pay attention to my maps of safety areas. 


Stop the hatred.....keep the balance, assess those who tell you about karma...assess your own life, living and empowerment. 


Learn love, gentleness, kindness and everlasting life.

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