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Humanitarian Projects

Her Holiness has spearheaded many humanitarian projects over the years. 


Please support your local food banks during these hard times that are being experienced by so many.  Share in love.


Current Projects 

Disaster-Proof Housing 

Using her otherworldly knowledge, Her Holiness has designed and developed unique disaster-proof housing that is intended for this time we have now entered.  These low-cost homes can ride out an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood or tsunami.  They can float, are aesthetically beautiful and never need to be painted. They get stronger over time and can be built to be totally self-contained and self-sufficient, and are even  equipped with their own garden around the perimeter. Because they can be set up individually or stacked, they can fill a bevy of needs depending on the area of the world they are placed.. In a place like Bangladesh a floating city could be put in place. These homes are intended for the general public and are for peaceful purposes only.  They need to reach the poor and those in areas which could experience major natural disasters. With Her Holiness' knowledge of future events, they can be placed to help save millions of lives. 

We are in vigorous search for the right person(s) to be involved in this project – to get it funded and into production.  We need to find a visionary - someone of the highest integrity who is humanitarian and philanthropic in nature and has the financial means or access to resources that can see this project through.

Time is short. The need is great. We have all watched the disasters of recent times, be they massive floods, severe earthquakes or devastating tsunamis. We’d love to hear your ideas about finding help.  Like minds coming together can make things happen.  Let’s do this for everyone’s sake!   Please contact us.

Empowerment Centres

With needs of the downtrodden and disenfranchised escalating daily,  Her Holiness designed urban and rural empowerment centres targeted for them. These are unique, multi-faceted centres which will run for the people and by the people - designed to be self-supporting and to operate independent of government services - able to address the needs of those in dire situations and at the same time dedicated to helping people regain their livelihoods, dignity and self-esteem. Elders will assist youth. Health-care practitioners will donate their time. A pilot project will set the standards and implementation plan that can be carried worldwide. 

If you are interested in helping Her Holiness make this happen, please get in touch.  

Film Project 

Her Holiness is working on a film that  will educate people about soul - what it is, where it originates, how it comes here, how it exists and interacts with spirit, mind, brain and body, what it is capable of, where it goes when your body passes, and how you can empower it in its journey.  The film will strip away our differences and embrace our commonality. It will answer age-old questions about our true essence and our path. It will take away the fear of death and dying and make people understand that accountability and responsibility for their thoughts and actions is upon them today, not some future lifetime. The film will do more to break down barriers of racism, hatred, prejudice and religious bigotry than anything presented before, given the unique, powerful and compelling information from Her Holiness, which is unlike anything published by others to date. 

We are looking for people to be involved - fundraisers, animators, production resources, etc. If you are interested, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us.

The Cosmic Energy Experience

Examples of Past Projects 


Global Peace Event - February 2nd through May 25th 2003 


At 9:00 PM EST on February 2nd 2003 Her Holiness Alexandra  Hehpsehboah commenced hosting the "Gathering of Love for Global Peace" - live on Paltalk Radio!  The marathon radio show ran 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through to May 25th 2003.  For 112 straight days and nights (1,694 total hours), Her Holiness, her co-hosts, admins and webmaster volunteered their time and energy to help a collective voice for peace be heard around the world.  People from one end of the globe to the other came together to share their experiences and thoughts, suggest solutions and claim their right to peace.  A new world record was set for the longest running radio show. 

The global call to help save lives and stop all wars continues. Please drop by and participate in Her Holiness' ongoing Eye on the Future Radio Shows.  Open your eyes and hearts to the cause of peace and the survival of humanity and Mother Earth. 

Hand in hand, heart to heart, around the world for global peace.  Help change hatred to love and war to peace.   


Global Peace Event - September 6th,7th,8th 2002


A very special event took place in Vancouver, Canada on September 6th, 7th and 8th, 2002.  The grounds of the Vancouver Art Gallery in the heart of downtown core was the picturesque setting for the “Gathering for Global Peace,” developed and hosted by Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah   Speakers, music, entertainment and live, interactive radio were included included in the activities. 

With so much media attention concentrating on war, terrorism, destruction and pain, a global focus on peace was required to help awaken humanity to the need to break down the barriers of racism, hatred and prejudice.  Nothing less than our future and that of succeeding generations was at stake and continues to be at stake. 

Her Holiness ran a 52-hour, non-stop, marathon internet radio show at the event to connect people and media around the world.  Broadcast via the "Paltalk Radio Network," the show helped a message of global peace take root and spawned many of the peace events and movements which followed in 2003. Marrying audio and visual internet technology, the event was webcast and camcast, allowing it to be heard and seen by a huge number of people worldwide. 

First Nations' Reserves

Her Holiness spent a great deal of time on First Nations' reserves in the past.  She  dispensed 2 box car loads of food weekly that she had negotiated with General Foods to donate, setting up suicide prevention lines, helping victims of abuse and assisting people through a variety of court situations. 

Amnesty International

People had tried for 15 years to set up a chapter of Amnesty International in Southern Alberta, Canada. True to her reputation as a selfless doer, Her Holiness took up the challenge and moved to the area. It took standing with her little amnesty candle for weeks next to a busy city intersection to bring results. It was the middle of winter and temperatures were hovering around -20C.  With her always-present resolve, she had noted that this particular intersection had three churches anchoring it.  A bet had been made between the preachers about how long she would last. No help was offered, until one day one of them took pity and arrived with a cup of hot cocoa.  This led to communication with another of the preachers and despite their previous avoidance of involvement in amnesty, she was able to prompt them offering assistance and use of facilities that sat empty most of the week.  Office space was offered and then a space for helping refugees. Plus, at her prodding, one of the preachers brought the cause to his congregation and they helped to raise tens of thousands of signatures that helped free a man in Russia. So, where there is a will, she showed that there is definitely a way. 

Plus many more ..... 

The Power of Vision 

When Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah was 21 years old, Conrad Hilton told her that she had the most powerful vision of the future that he had ever encountered and that a vision needed only visionary people and doers to fulfill it. He then explained his experience in launching Hilton Hotels.

He recounted that when he discussed his vision for the hotels he was called a loser and a flake. Over the months, there were many naysayers and people who belittled him and his vision.

At his lowest point, he was sleeping on a park bench in Texas with not even 35 cents in his pocket to buy himself a coffee and a donut. One morning, chilled from lying on the bench overnight, a policeman approached him and asked, "Well Conrad, how much longer are you going to call this bench your hotel?" At 5:00 PM that same afternoon, he found a visionary person who asked, "How much money do you need?" By nighttime, Conrad Hilton had a shower and was sleeping in his own bed in the first hotel he purchased. Ten months later, he opened up the doors of a new Hilton hotel.

The vision Her Holiness offers is larger than life itself, with many components that will create well being for people, give opportunities for the disenfranchised, and create a path for true understanding and respect amongst all races. 

To be part of Her Holiness' effort to eliminate wars, racism and hatred, raise the social consciousness of humanity, and bring about harmony and world peace, is not just to be part of a noble cause. It affords a real opportunity to make a difference in the world and effect change globally. Paramount in her efforts is her great desire to help humanity and to use the knowledge that anything can be accomplished given the vision and actions of like-minded people.

Visit The Cosmic Energy Experience and Eye on the Future Radio

 for more information about Her Holiness and her work.

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