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About The Saoshyant™

...the bringer of healing, balance, change and peace...




Coming Foretold 


Hidden in codes within ancient religious and spiritual writings are specific references as to the identity of the Saoshyant. 


The research undertaken by a NASA engineer and others yielded amazing evidence that specifically references Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah  in Zarathustrian, ancient Tibetan Buddhist, Vedic, Hebrew, Biblical and other writings. 


Her place and date of "birth," reference to her as a Holy Messenger, her First Nations' name - Thunderbird Woman - and more appeared in the detailed searches conducted, leaving no doubt as to her identity. 


Her arrival is a prophecy fulfilled and this is the time foretold that she will go out amongst the masses.


Custodial Parents Selected 


Back in the early 1930s, an aristocratic family living in Den Haag, Holland was visited by a rabbi, priest and astrologer. The husband and wife were a most unusual pairing. She was a First Nations' Mi'kmaq Princess who was raised in the Hebrew faith and he was an industrialist blueblood from one of the oldest families in Europe. 


This couple was told that in seven years she would give birth to a stillborn infant and that this infant's body would be used by a holy one sent by the Creator as a messenger to the world, who would be here for the great times of change ahead. They were told that they would be custodial parents to the holy being as opposed to real parents in the traditional sense of the word. These same three visited the couple again in Oisterwijk seven months before the birth and finally in Soestdijk seven days before the birth.


Divine Birth


True to what had been foretold, 7 years from the initial contact, the custodial mother was about to give birth.  The couple had been visiting Rotterdam, where their pleasure craft was moored, when she went into labour. They went to a local Roman Catholic hospital where she was placed in a private delivery room.  During the labour the medical staff witnessed myriads of beautiful sparkling and vibrating golden and multi-coloured balls of light floating within the room, accompanied by the angelic sound of soft, tinkling bells. They were in wonderment of what was going on but had no idea of what was about to transpire.  Some of the nuns fell to their knees.


The custodial mother gave birth to a stillborn baby girl. This infant exited her body completely wrapped in a veil, which once opened, was revealed to have 7 corners.  As the medics and nuns touched the veil, golden sparks of light filled the room. The custodial mother knew the prophecy was being fulfilled and demanded that the infant's body not be removed from the birthing room. Reluctantly, hospital staff abided her wishes. They swaddled the body in a blanket and lay it beside the mother. Several hours passed. The infant's body was lifeless and had cooled down. Finally, one of the nuns insisted that enough time had passed and that they were going to take the body.  She lifted it up and started to walk out of the room.  


Then, miraculously, the infant suddenly came to life.  Translucent figures of light - angelic-type manifestations - appeared within the room. The doctors and nuns were incredulous, calling it a miracle.  The custodial mother knew the journey of the holy being on earth had commenced. 


Prophetic Abilities 


Her Holiness came equipped with access to universal knowledge for the betterment of mankind and soul knowledge for individuals' soul growth. At the tender age of three and a half and already well known for her prophetic abilities and knowingness, she was put to work. Her custodial father would sit her on his desk and a stream of clergy, dignitaries and officials would come to ask her questions stretching from early morning until late at night. She answered as an adult in a child's body. 


When Her Holiness was five years old, World War II was in full swing.  Her custodial father was a leader of the Dutch underground and she was now used in a new capacity, giving safekeeping information to the underground that resulted in thousands of lives being saved. From advising how the war originated and about the players involved, to how to move people safely out of town, where to move sending stations, which bridge the invader would be coming across, or when/where SS house raids would be taking place, Her Holiness was soon dubbed "The Little Prophet Extraordinaire" by European media. 

For more than 60 years, Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah has been renowned as a prophet and has foretold of earth changes, wars and conflicts as well as economic, social and political events with amazing accuracy. In 1964, she created her first Map of the Future, further updated in 1971, which gives a detailed projection of impending natural and man-made disasters and safety areas.  As those who follow her forecasts can attest, they are being fulfilled on a daily basis. She also exposes corruption and injustice, which in conjunction with her prophecies, puts her earthly existence at constant risk.


Miracle Healings 


Those around Her Holiness recognized that from a very young age unexplainable healings occurred when people were in her presence.  Although during her childhood and adolescent years the emphasis was on receiving from her the huge amount of information she could access, by 1961 the world began to know and understand the tremendous healing energies radiating from her.  People received great physical, emotional and spiritual healing benefits merely by being in her energy.  They would line up for blocks whenever they found out where she lived, hoping for a glimpse of, or touch from, her.  The spiritually evolved recognize the gold light that emanates from her.  Word spread of the miraculous healings which took place.  



Many who have met Her Holiness feel that she immediately knows everything there is to know about them. She touches their lives in such a remarkable way that profound change is often the result.


Her Holiness has known that when she reached 65 years of age she would, as divinely mandated, reach out to help heal souls en mass for this would be the time when the great changes upon the planet would escalate and mankind would be in most need of spiritual upliftment and renewal.  This time is now upon us. 


Divine Intervention


Her Holiness' earthly body has been declared dead on five separate occasions.  Several drowning incidents occurred - once at 7 years old, another at 9 and a final at 13.  Each saw a lifeless and limp body, which had been proclaimed dead, miraculously return to life. 


When she was 9, her body already having suffered greatly from the ravages and deprivations of war, she returned to her celestial home for several hours. When she returned to earth it was to the utter amazement of medical staff and her custodial father who had been summoned upon hearing of her death.


Not long after WW II ended, Her Holiness was left alone sleeping while the people of the house went to the first carnival parade following the war. A young dog pulled a coat from the back of a chair and it fell against the heater, causing a fire to start.  The dog ran out and the house quickly filled with smoke.  She was awakened by a light being from the other world who directed her to hold onto her little bird in its cage, and then lifted her out of bed and carried her out of the house to safety. 


Many times during her life people have been given evidence of divine intervention in Her Holiness' existence.


Awakener of Divine Self Realization 


Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment.  She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.  She calls all to come together during this time of great universal change so that the resulting vibration can cover the planet,  calm emotions and raise true spirituality once more. 


The Humanitarian 


Her Holiness has spent a lifetime in selfless service to humanity - a tireless doer who has moved and worked amongst the people.  She was the one bringing home the homeless - be they people or animals - and has worked over these many years to help the sick, the disenfranchised and those with no voice to be heard.  


She has taken people in off the streets and helped them to turn their lives around, be they drug users, alcoholics, murderers, or people who have suffered from all forms of abuse. At one point, she had up to forty people a day coming to her home, where she gave them a chance to bathe, be clothed and fed, allowing them to leave the next day with renewed dignity and self esteem. 


She set up the first soup kitchens in Canada, established suicide prevention lines on native reserves, delivered truckloads of food and supplies to native peoples in the midst of (-30° C) Canadian winter storms, established a chapter of Amnesty International in a place where no one had been able to do so before, saw many people through court situations,  and much more.... Her Holiness has inspired people the world over to take up causes and work to make things happen to help those in need.  Her love for people has never ceased.


What the World is Saying


In 2004, Her Holiness was recognized as a divine being.  The Zarathustrians (Zoroastrians)  from Persia and India who watched her prophecies over the years, heard of the miraculous healings and of those awakened from the dead, knew that the long awaited prophet - the Saoshyant - had arrived.


From before birth and onwards she has been recognized as a holy being.



In the 1980s, Victor North Peigan, Elder and Medicine Man on the Brocket Reserve in Alberta, Canada, looked out his window in the midst of a fierce winter storm to see a car had slid to a stop in front of his home.  


He said to nearby Huey, "Look, look above the car at the huge Thunderbird.  That is a holy woman.  Go and bring her in to see me." 


That night Victor named Her Holiness "Thunderbird Woman" - meaning messenger between the Great Spirit and humanity. She was later named International Peace Speaker for First Nations' Red Web Society when the sacred white and red calves were born, thus prompting reactivation of the ancient society.


The elderly scholar and survivor of Nazi concentration camps, Rabbi Kalmar, recognized Her Holiness as the "Lady Meshiah" and an orator of kindness, compassion and change in the tradition of Beruria.  Other Hebrew rabbis and people from the Jewish community have also called her the Lady Meshiah, saying nowhere was it written that the Meshiah must be a man. 




Those who saw recounted that during spring in Europe on the 7th to the 8th day an orb travelled through the heavens and entered the earth's atmosphere.  It formed itself into a white tiger coming in from the west, heading over the mountains to the east, passing over the hospital.  People saw how a round rainbow formed itself over the hospital.  Otherworldly beings were observed in the room - beings of light - the shining ones who came to stand by the divine one- the holy one - who came for this time to remind us of the All of the All, to bring justice on earth and awaken great spirituality.  When Chinese sages and astrologers see Her Holiness, they recognize her as the "Holy White Tiger." 


Many yogis from India who have met Her Holiness recognize her energies as those of Shiva, Vishnu and Krishna combined and feel a surge of joy and divine enlightenment in her presence. They have called her the "Great Light for Humanity." 

To the India community she is known as Om Shree Shanti A Deva Dutta, meaning God's Holy Messenger of Peace.


Over the years, lamas with spiritual sight have excitedly yet respectfully approached and acknowledged Her Holiness. Some elderly Tibetan Lamas have called her "The Great Lotus of the Universe Who Has Unfolded" who is here and will walk amongst us, but who will not return again."  Her Holiness has had invitations from the Buddhist community to give her refuge, but explained her choice of path is that with the All of the All - the Divine Creator - and all of his/her Creations.



In 1962, Her Holiness entered St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican. As she walked down the midship, an elderly priest came out from the pew where he had been seated, prostrated himself before her and said, "Master, Master, I waited so long. With one word from you, I know all my sins will be forgiven."  Her response was, "One must forgive oneself and ask the All of the All for compassion and understanding, and so start a better life from this point on, without sin."  Then a younger monk also came out from the pews and prostrated himself before her and said, "I waited and knew I would see you. In my prayers, I pleaded to see you. This is a great day in my life," to which she responded, "A great day for the soul is every day one does good deeds." 


In 1973, the personal secretary for Pope Paul VI came to New Westminster, Canada and invited Her Holiness to accompany him on private jet back to Vatican to meet the Pope. She politely declined, saying she had already seen enough there and that the All of the All is the father of the universe. Another (unsuccessful) attempt was made by Rome to invite her during the short reign of Pope John Paul I. She did, however, believe that this Pope was a kind spirit.



In the early 1990s at Robson Square Conference Centre in Vancouver Canada, Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah was invited to attend a lecture, along with some of her devotees, being presented by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

When Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was carried onto the stage she saw Her Holiness seated in the audience.  She promptly came down from the stage, went over to Her Holiness and bowed before her.  She then told the packed audience that there was no need for her to speak since the “holy one had come” and left the room without doing her lecture. 



The thousands upon thousands who have listened to Her Holiness speak know her to be powerful, compelling and inspiring and that her message is life changing.  She awakens people on a spiritual level to what is really happening in the world today, the agendas at play and how history has been selectively adjusted.

She alerts them as to what the future holds in store and, by offering solutions, she empowers people to effect change. Encouraging people to abandon their hatred, anger, and confusion, she says that mankind must become aware, desire change and choose change in order to create a world of peace and compassion, free of racism, prejudice and religious bigotry.


Often compared with Mahatma Gandhi  by the media for her message and work towards peaceful change, she too has suffered great wrath from  those who do not want to see people educated or empowered.  Her knowingness of people's thoughts and conditions as well as of their past, current and future actions often puts her existence at great risk for the ones who have much to hide, or who are corrupt and fear exposure, or who are insecure and afraid of her knowledge, will attack her.  Yet, through all the trials and tribulations of her extraordinary life, her love for humanity and desire to bring about peaceful change has never wavered.  She touches people's lives in such a remarkable way that profound change inevitably occurs. 


Mother to Humanity 


Advocating kindness, compassion and respect for all, Her Holiness Alexandra brings the great joy of motherly energy to the planet and is known around the world as the "Mother to Humanity."   Her love radiates and embraces all who are in need.  And, as an earthly mother would pull back a child about to step off the curb into oncoming traffic, Her Holiness alerts humanity to dangers ahead and gives them an opportunity for preparedness and change. 


She says that this is the time upon the planet to awaken the feminine within each and everyone in order to bring change and force an end to hellish conditions for women, men and children upon the planet and create peace amongst all life here. Healing the planet and healing the feminine within each and every being awakens the pureness and goodness in the collective.


Her Holiness' arrival and installment as the long awaited one is accepted by all saintly beings for this coming Aquarian age. 


How Information is Accessed


As a divine being, Her Holiness arrived equipped with all knowingness of the planet and the destiny humanity is creating for itself.  


Some within the New Age community have attempted to label her, based on their understanding of otherworldly communication. However, no labels apply.  She is not a medium, channeller, psychic or intuitive. She does not enter into a trance-like state to receive information, nor give up control in any way of her earthly body. She does not connect with so-called ascended masters, nor does she use any tools (such as tarot cards, crystal balls, Akashic Records, etc.).  Her connection is one with Creator and all of Creation. 




Does She Proclaim Herself Holy? 

No, she does not proclaim herself holy. But there are many who have, including Zararthustrians who recognize her as the Saoshyant, First Nations' elders and medicine men, yogis from India, Tibetan lamas, NASA engineer, Rabbis, Chinese and western astrologers, Padre Pio, Krishnamurti, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and more.



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