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Etherean Calendar 





New - Be Connected



 Etherean Crystal Calendar for 2012


  • One-of-a kind 

  • Images that speak to the soul

  • Contemplation for the mind and spirit

  • Lifetime treasure 


When Her Holiness Alexandra H. gave her holy Etherean healing energy to a large, clear crystal lotus, the first image captured showed the appearance of a beautiful gold colour - a manifestation of Her Holiness' gold energy. But within the image, you could also see a manifestation of a spirit owl (as below). 



The images that were captured during a meditation that followed are truly amazing. Powerful, stunning spirit manifestations are evident - an Etherean gift of evidence of life beyond the physical realm. Look for people, animals, ETs and more!  Perceptions will vary from person to person, allowing an individual experience for each person who contemplates the images.


Take a close look at the image below. Do you see a cat in the centre?



The 14 images in this calendar are ones to treasure forever.  Each image is unique.  Allow your soul to see what the naked eye might miss the first time. When you go back to look again, don't be surprised if something else appears. Let your soul reveal what is really in the images. 


Included in the calendar is a powerful healing image.  Blessed by Her Holiness, it is one to view often while contemplating wellness and tranquility.  


Treat yourself and loved ones to a gift unlike any other!  This special calendar makes a great holiday gift that everyone will talk about!


Please note:  If you are interested in the Etherean Soul Calendar for 2012, please email us with your name and country.  The outside organization which handles the orders will provide you with cost information and fulfill your order if your decide to proceed.  

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