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Her Holiness Alexandra wishes a Happy Chinese New Year to all.  2011 - Year of the Rabbit. Gung Hay Fat Choy - Kung Hei Fat Choi - Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Her Holiness Alexandra (Thunderbird Woman) accepts The Griffin Award, presented by Diana Gabaldon, for recipient Victor Lethbridge, presented at the 2010 Surrey International Writer's Conference. Victor was honoured for his newly published book, "Little Chief and Mighty Gopher:  The Pemmican Frenzy," and his positive contribution to Canadian Society through his writing and work with youth in Aboriginal communities.

Her Holiness visiting Granville Island, Vancouver ... enjoying her favourite Italian deli, artisans and flower shop

Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah presents medicine bag to (former) Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan

Her Holiness having dinner with John Peterson, Honorary Consul of Denmark, Vancouver


Her Holiness speaking at Vedic temple in Richmond, BC

Her Holiness meeting with Hawaiian Kahuna in Maui

Her Holiness at Casa de Dom Inácio healing centre in Brazil - welcomed by assistant of "João  de Deus" in treatment room. 

Her Holiness being "wired up" for sound in theatre before lecture 

Her Holiness welcomed by representatives  from Buddhist Temple 

Her Holiness offering a blessing at wedding

Her Holiness being interviewed 

Students of Her Holiness with her on spiritual retreat in California

Her Holiness being greeted by Dr. and his family from the Chinese community

Her Holiness greeted by international group 

Renowned musician from Hong Kong and his friend meet Her Holiness.

In celebration of Mother's Day, 2010 - lovely orchids  given to Her Holiness as Mother to Humanity from Krishna, Teddy Beh, Lien, Patrick, Qian, Quon, Tom, Anya, Elizabeth, William, Beatrix and Kate. 

Poetry sent as a special gift...

O spirit of Light!
The weeping Earth you felt
Deep in your heart you couldn't stand
Like a giant bell your compassion rang
To wipe the tears of Earth you came
Burning like a candle
So very hard you burn
To shine a brilliant star amidst the darkness

O spirit of Love!
What an endless sack of love you carry!
Never was it felt heavy
For joy makes it as light as a feather
A hole you punch on the bottom of the sack
And love flows out to wherever you go
Without return you give
To plant the seeds of peace and harmony on the black soil

O spirit of Great Strength!
What is corporeal suffering to you?
A firm tree of endurance you stand as
Like the wind pain blows across
Like the rain sorrow drops through
Not even one leaf you let go
Yet stronger and stronger you grow
To reach the Source of All Light no matter how

Thank you so much for being here!

                            - Teddy Beh

Connecting the dots

When we were still little child,
we were given paper with only dots.
By drawing from dot to dot,
whoa-la amazing magic happens.
Sometimes there are ships,
sometimes there are insects.
And yes,
there are a myriad of patterns,
only limited by our imaginations.

From dot to dot,
we are connecting.
Through the strain of light,
Shines out from a special being.
Lifting us up, bringing us joy and peace,
letting the dots of time joining together seamlessly,
letting the dots of life joining together happily.
Oh whoa-la, here are the dots joining together,

                                  - Lien


Vishva Prani Meri Atma Ghai 

Vishva means the universe. Prani are living beings. Meri means mine.  Atma means the self - the soul.  Beings in the universe are myself if we realise that we are all one self of one Creation.  Now we must all love all and self respect all in one. Awaken the Creator within and love all as we are all of one Creator. 



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