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H.H. Alexandra Hehpsehboah at St. Dom Inacio's Healing Centre in Brazil (shown here with Nurse in treatment area) 
Her Holiness teaching self-healing techniques





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 Healing from the Saoshyant



About Remote Healing 


What is remote healing?  


Remote healing is a method of healing from a distance with no physical intervention required.


How does remote healing work?  


Remote healing is conducted on a spiritual level by highly evolved spiritual souls who can access healing energies and direct them to a person, an animal or an area that requires healing, and for which healing has been requested.

Can I receive remote healing?


Yes.  Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah is well known for her remote healing abilities and offers this service to those who request it.  The list is long of those who have had tumors, cancer or debilitating diseases “miraculously” disappear.  In some cases immediate healing occurs.  In other cases it occurs over a period of time. People often refer to H.H. Alexandra Hehpsehboah as the "Miracle Worker."  


Does H. H. Alexandra H. heal objects and animals as well? 


Yes, Her Holiness has been asked to heal numerous conditions. The famous crystal skull below (one of only a couple in the world) was given energy by Her Holiness to return its healing power and lustre prior to Ana Mitchell-Hedges (its custodian) taking it with her on a trip to England. The picture on the right reflects the skull after it received healing. Interestingly, it has been known that people who touch the skull have experienced great healing and major transformations in their lives.  Even people who observe and touch its photo and contemplate about themselves, have experienced the same. 


Ana Mitchell-Hedges, custodian of the quartz crystal skull discovered on F.A. Mitchell-Hedges expedition of Lubaantun, British Honduras in 1924. 

The crystal skull after H.. H. Alexandra Hehpsehboah gave her holy Etherean energy to it to restore its healing energy. 




Spirit Owl - Gold Energy 

Spirit Cat 

Click on spirit images for enlarged views.


Her Holiness gave her holy Etherean healing energy to the above large, clear crystal lotus. While the crystal rested on the same piece of deep purple cloth, the first image turned gold - a manifestation of Her Holiness' gold energy. When you enlarge the image you will see in the centre a manifestation of a spirit owl.  In the second photo, also once enlarged, you will see the image of a spirit cat.  Spirit manifestations are evident in the photos - an Etherean gift of evidence of continued life beyond this world.  


Her Holiness has helped many animals to wellness.  In one case, a Chihuahua - a tiny Mexican breed - was run over by a car.  It appeared to onlookers that the dog was dead. Its intestines lay outside its body.  Her Holiness stepped off the sidewalk, picked up the dog and raised it up to offer it to the Creator.  Moments later it sprung back to life, to the great amazement of the people watching. They called it a miracle.


Request Remote Healing 


In order to request remote healing, please email us and provide your name, location, your current condition and what you would like help in healing. 


H.H. Alexandra Hehpsehboah includes you on her healing list immediately upon receipt of your request. While each request may not be responded to in writing, given the volume of mail received, please know that Her Holiness and the Etherean Beings are at work behind the scenes to assist you.  


Click Here, view the picture and contemplate your healing. Souls are connected throughout the universe and by wishing positivity and healing, it can manifest.  Say your prayers dutifully to the Creator.



Please note:  No claim is made by H.H. Alexandra H. regarding the success of remote healing. Remote healing is not offered as a replacement for allopathic or alternative medical advice or services and does not preclude you going to your family physician.   


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