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"Trees of honour catch a lot of wind from those who are  disharmonious. These are times when the gentle trees softly waving in the wind helping humanity catch a lot of nasty wind from those who are out of balance. We must all remember to be gentle and calm and have understanding because they do not know what they are doing or understand what consequence it will bring to them on their soul journey. Wishing all peace and harmony."

- H.H. Alexandra H.





 Prophecies from the Saoshyant ™

Whisper, Whisper

Let me tell you what no one wants you to know

"BEING IN THE KNOW is never negative.  It empowers you 24 hours a day.  Living in the now and trusting in the now could be disastrous.  When you blink your eye, the now is gone.  We are living in times of great change and it is important that you be informed.  I wish all to use the knowledge they gain from my prophecies to be in the know and to act in wisdom and peace."

Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah was named by European media "The Little Prophet Extraordinaire" during WW II, for the thousands of lives she saved by giving safekeeping information to the Dutch resistance.  They listened then when she was only 5 years old.  Will you listen now to the one with a proven track record of over 65 years of accurate global prophecies?  Day after day, her prophecies are being fulfilled.  Is your heart open?  Will you hear now or wish later that you had listened when you had a chance? 

Her Holiness shares urgent and vital information to help mankind understand and prepare for upcoming earth changes, natural and manmade disasters as well as social, political and economic events worldwide.  She foretells what lies ahead.  She says that mankind has choice in the outcome of these forecasts.  By being aware, people have the opportunity to "stop the train," or "slow it down" by bringing about change or, if necessary, to "get off the track" to let it go by.  She gives her prophecies to allow people to be in their own empowerment and to be in a state of preparedness. Never does she give prophecies to generate fear in people - only to empower them!  She asks people to focus on the good and create balance.

Detailed Prophecies 


Are you a victim of fear mongering?  Are you a slave?  Who enslaves you?  Who is driving you into a state of fear? Are you ready for the TRUTH and nothing but the truth? 


Her Holiness Alexandra has detailed her prophecies in "Your Future.  Your Choice:  Harmony or Upheaval"  



Be in the know about your future.  Become empowered to reason, be in balance and harmony and act peacefully in wisdom. Click here for book


Example Prophecy Topics


  • 2012 - Not end of world

  • New World Order

  • New World Order Religion

  • Governments/Politics

  • Wars, conflicts

  • Riots and Upheavals

  • Politics

  • Economies - great depression?

  • Stock markets/real estate

  • Military

  • The life of Zarathustra and how it ties into the future

  • Nuclear-type attack in 2011?

  • What will happen between Russia and USA in 2011? 

  • War for USA?  Canada? On  North American soil?

  • Earth /climate changes

  • Polar Shift (it's not global warming!)

  • Natural and man-made disasters

  • Weather engineering / Tesla

  • Neferu / Nibiru

  • UFOs / ETs 

  • Earth's new sun? 

  • The Mayan Calendar and what the Christian count of time has done

  • Serpent that travels the universe - where it appears now

  • Is Iran on the verge of great trouble?

  • Will there also be great trouble for Israel?

  • "Chipping," DNAing and control of the masses

  • Diseases

  • Vaccinations 

  • Technology

  • Surveillance

  • Religions 

  • Scandals 

  • Royal Houses

  • A second Sphinx?

  • Discovery of King Solomon's Temple - where? 

  • Surveillance cameras in your home?

  • New ultra-frequency weapon




Select Alerts 


Please see H.H. Alexandra's BLOG for ongoing alerts


Past alerts ... 


May 2, 2013


I hope my prayers will be answered that Bashar al-Assad will either step off this planet or step out of Syria... I foresee this happening within the next two months.... (more


April 28, 2013


We are living in a time of great change. Watch this fall as it is going to show the beginning of great adjustments taking place on the planet ... (more


April 21, 2013


.... By 2020 the learning will have completed itself and great spiritual awakening and earth changes will be near completion ... (more) 


March 29, 2013 


...You know my warning was not for 2012 but rather to watch for what 2013 and 2014 will bring with regard to economics, major earth changes and more.   (more


February 23, 2013


... Well this is just the beginning of the cleansing ship called Vatican... (more



February 20, 2013 


So many have asked what I think about what is taking place in Vatican.  As I am saying to the so many out there, this abdication by Pope Benedict XVI portends the coming of the end of the papacy....  (more


February 19, 2013 


In 2057-2058 there will be peace. 


Creator will call the Algonquin First Nations again. Hear his voice now.  Creator will manifest the promise to Hopis of the last wars ... (more)


February 11, 2013


Within the next 25 years prophets will not be upon the earth... (more)


February 8, 2013


It is time to have the true human will for peace... (more


February 6, 2013


..Know that this is the time when seers and prophets will stand and call all good beings to develop their gifts and love the good people.. (more


February 4, 2013


Danger is looming.  Soon you must stop destruction and live in harmony... (more


February 3, 2013


There will be danger from strange and unusual weather conditions in Australia and New Zealand.... Plus - Euro, Egypt, China, countries breaking ties with Britain (more


January 23, 2013


..Wars will be a thing of the past.  Space travellers will be a normal thing.  When time is awakened, more energies of healing will be known.... (more


January 21, 2012


Times to come (part 1) - Know that the waters in Seattle will rise up to the roofs on high-rise buildings and whales and dolphins will swim around the top of the Seattle Tower.  The air will be warm.  No fanatic religions will have brought peace or will have blossumed.... (more) 


January 22, 2013 


.... I foresee that this springtime could see the rising of more warlike skirmishes in Iraq and Iran and others, which are stoked up by unsavoury, selfish weapon manufacturers.  America and Canada will suffer. (more) 


January 19, 2013 (per blog)


Prophecies for the Middle East ….


Regarding Iran, my message from August 2012 will soon be seen.  This is a powerful year.  Ahmadinejad will say goodbye in peace.


In Egypt Mubarak is again in the news in 2013.  Watch for my prophecy there too as he may come to be set free.


I foresee that within the next two years Iraq will be involved in major war activities again.

I suggest that all people forget, forgive and learn to love.  Open your hearts to compassion.


Stay tuned.


November 8, 2012


A 6.3M quake hit off the coast of Vancouver Island November 7/12, once again within my prophecy window. I continue my warning... (more)


October 28, 2012


Last night there was a 7.7 M earthquake off the coast of British Columbia. Tsunami warnings were issued for the coast, Alaska and as far away as Hawaii. This was a prophecy fulfilled per my August 18, 2012 warning.  Do not let your alert down. This is not over.  Heads up continues per my August warning. 


October 25. 2012 


Mother Russia, let your son Putin not have so much control over your kitchen. It could put your house on fire and your children could be burned.  For more, see blog.


October 23, 2012 


Hillary Clinton as future president...... Mr. and Mrs. Clinton ... Soon I see you back in the White House with Mrs. Clinton as President of the USA.  You have learned a lot.  Time is a guide to you in a changed world.  For more see blog entry.


October 22, 2012 


...Tea Party will splinter and fall apart. Pray that some kind of disaster does not take place before or shortly after the election where America could lose President Obama  - For more, see blog entry.


October 21, 2012


As per my constant warning, I feel it is time for you who are not aware to know that when many people said that the planet would come to a disaster in 2012, I revealed that  2013 through 2015 would more be the time of hardships and especially polar shift activities.  For more, see blog entry


October 11, 2012 


With respect, I say to be safe President Obama.  Don't let false votes be made and lose that way. The votes are in danger.  For more, see blog entry.


September 29, 2012 (Given September 16, 2012)


My vision is that the time we live in is the most dangerous time of this planet.  My vision of the reality of Canada and the USA is that they will soon become slave countries in which this time the corporate world is the one which destroys freedom and reintroduces slavery again of the legal 

kind   - For more, see blog entry


September 22, 2012


I shudder when I see recent events unfold in the Middle East with the triggering of protests and upheaval from what is boiling just under the surface.  I see my long-time prophecies in the process of being fulfilled and urge ... Continue reading at blog entry


August 18, 2012 (posted Aug 18th on blog and facebook)


Heads Up - West Coast of North America - Earthquake & Tsunami Risk


More... (See blog entry(Note: Fulfillment in progress with 3 quakes off coast of Washington State on August 19th and swarm of more than 100 quakes in southeastern California on August 26.)


July 16, 2012


The USA, China. Arabia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, the United Nations - See blog entry "Prophecies, Peace and Being an Awakened Being."


April 9, 2012


May of all humanity remember today that the time of Creator and changes in Mother Earth after April 10, 2012 signal changes in the heavens for mother earth and all the fleas (called humanity - good and bad) which ride on her back.  Humanity will come to understand that the abuse of mother earth must come to an end. 


May all of humanity find love and compassion for our planet and for each other.


April 3, 2010


The time is now – over these next three months – to change.


An earthquake is coming in you.  Know yourself. Change yourself.


To all who love the earth plane and who have opened themselves to receive a gift of the universe, this is the time for your souls to expand and awaken to full awareness , climbing the great ladder of the universe. 


It is time to learn. Yes, it is time to be still and listen to your soul communications with Creator and all in the movements of the universes. 


Soon mankind will awaken to the great wonders beyond mother earth.  Help your soul to be free of entrapments and to receive the new way to come from this great awakening for all.  Yes, even for all of nature.  May 1, 2012 through June, 2012 will open the path of truth.


Know yourself and your attachments.  Awaken to Creator.  Your planet will make adjustments now.  Earthquake activity will occur, as will major problems with electronics, computers, etc.   Be ready, especially from Vancouver, Canada to Eugene, Oregon to Amarillo, Texas to California and Mexico.  Your souls will speak.  Be still.


Change within you is needed.  Have no guilt, but rather wisdom to now change for the sake of all, including your living planet.


March 28, 2012


I believe that the new movie, 'The Hunger Games,' in which future state-sanctioned entertainment will include the slaughter of teens and children, is indicative of desensitizing of the masses to killing and especially to the young killing one another.  


For many years I have spoken about a depopulation agenda and I think that the danger is that this film and others like it help set the stage.  Medical systems offering inferior care to those over 55 years of age, is also in evidence for governments feel that seniors are no longer of as much value for they are beyond their revenue generating and tax producing years. 


Is this the type of future you  want?  We need to bring positive change through learning to honour and respect elders who will protect the young from major mistakes. The wisdom of the elders will become the wisdom for the young.


March 27, 2012


From now through January, 2013, be on alert for increased earthquake activity globally.  Earthquake risk in North America is especially high from April through June 2012. 


Savvy people will understand what I have said previously.  This is the first year of the major planetary readjustment that will continue through 2014, so do not let your guard down and be prepared. Have foods available that do not have to be prepared as well as fresh drinking water. People should hold disaster-preparedness drills. Have first aid kits on hand and equip your homes, cars, etc. so that you can be safe and secure. 


You will see the fulfillment of my prophecies as time progresses, just as they have in the past and even as seen in evidence with the recent quake in Mexico which was felt in Mexico City. 


Know that this is not hoopla from the Mayan Calendar. These changes just are and will be increasing. 


March 19, 2012 (given March 10, 2012)


For the next 6 weeks through the end of April, 2012, there will be many uprisings and violence.  There will be scandals in the USA, places in Europe and even Canada.  Russia and Italy will be big in the news and mostly places where the working class are protesting.  In China there will be a scandal and Japan will be in the news.  Israel and peace is a hard thing to find in the next six months. 


January 20, 2012


Soon - very soon - they will put something on your hand that only shows up under black light - ostensibly to help prevent illegal aliens from entering countries. Those with a criminal record or who are political activists or others who are deemed undesirable, will have it put on their forehead.  This is not the “chip.”  It is something new and it is coming to your town very soon.


In 1974 I spoke about this in San Jose.  Many who attended my lecture then were of great spiritual wisdom but even they found it hard to accept that what I spoke of would happen in their lifetime. Yet it is in process now. This is the time that it will be activated.


January 1, 2012 


Here are some of my prophecies for 2012.  Be in the Know!  For the next 3 to 4 years Japan will be at very great earthquake/tsunami/tornado risk and needs to be prepared as do those who can give assistance also need to be prepared to offer a safe environment for Japanese victims. ... (more


November 8 , 2011 


The asteroid named 2005 YU55 is doing a fly-by of the earth/moon system. On November 8, 2011 at 23:38 UT it will be at its closest approach to earth.  I warn humanity that this asteroid is a harbinger of change.  Do not believe that it will not make vibrations and waves throughout the universe.  It can trigger off earth movements, despite what the scientists say.  These energies will create universal friction.  Watch for potential to trigger events over the next two to three months. This is not fear mongering. This is being in the know.  


October 12, 2011 


Lasers will soon employed for healing but also to attack and kill in warfare..... The great laser killer is capable of destroying an aircraft in the air... (more...) 


October 9, 2011 


Disconnected internet within 4 years.  Are all your eggs in one basket?  (more...)


September 16, 2011


The date for the end of the Mayan Calendar is actually October 28, 2011 (more...)


September 10, 2011


Precious world ...  A reminder of what I have foretold in the past.  The internet will cease to exist between now and 2015, so you must be prepared to lose all your online connections.  Don't put all your eggs in your online basket because when the plug is pulled you will be without anything. Start to prepare yourself to go back to pre-computer days.  Buy printed copies of books and other reading material.  


Don't give up cash for a cashless society in order to keep your empowerment.  (More .....)



What People Have to Say About Her Holiness' Prophecies


"The accuracy of your prophecy is outstanding."

    - Sarah and family (Germany)


"The Greatest Prophet Alive.”

    - Don Weeks, WGY Radio, Albany New York  


"To us you are the greatest. The floods you had foretold for the UK are all over the place.  We hope that we don't need an arc." 

    - Paul Coyte, BBC London Live 


我关注HOLINESS ALEXANDRA的预言长达16 年之久,包括现在中东发生的事件。我很想知道她对中东形势发展的预测是什么?以及对世界各国人民的生活有什么影响   (Per Feb/11 events)

   - Jingwei C., Vancouver


"Just wanted to tell you how accurate Her Holiness is in prophecies! I have studied prophecies for years and of course with [my] radio show and writing, have met many who claim to know what’s ahead. Only Her Holiness has been consistently accurate in this matter!"

    - Patty Ress, author, broadcaster, Omaha, Nebraska  


"I have followed Her Holiness' prophecies for several years and have to say what a great offering it was to us to get the information all this time.  I agree that we need to keep the information flowing.   My brother and I acted on information she warned us to be in the know about three years ago, and we are happy we did.  [The donation] is a small token of thanks.  Less than a cup of coffee here."

    - Carlos C., Barcelona, Spain


"At an alarming rate, I am witnessing the accuracy of the prophecies of Her Holiness unfold as she has said they would. Despite that information provided on the internet can easily be changed, I would like people to know that I have been following the saoshyant.org over the past few years and can authenticate that the information has not been altered or changed to reflect any current or latest happenings in the world.  I express this because some people have suggested this to me when I tell them all about the saoshyant website and I believe there are others who may go to your site and entertain those thoughts as well.  I know that the information hasn't changed because I've seen it with my own eyes and have visited many times and continue to discover & rediscover more each time I do so.  I'd like thank her for the amazing strength she has to continue to provide this information for us. Her guidance is immeasurable.  With much gratitude."

    - Lois K, North Vancouver, Canada 


"You are a life saver - and put me in the know.  We must all pay attention to save ourselves and those we love."

    - Patrick,  Toronto, Ontario


"You are always right on, ahead of what takes place.  We should have heads up for what you say because you always know best."

    - Lisa R., Los Angeles, USA


"You know I am a Zoroastrian and in our religious text there is a prophecy about a coming prophet .....read on...  

    - Kiumars, USA


"My thanks always.  God bless."

    - Elma B., Florida, USA


"I read your prophecies and I am amazed.  Every time you give a warning for something to break out somewhere, it happens. This time the warning came about so quickly it took my breath away.  I urge everyone to listen to your wise words."

    - B. Goldberg, Israel


"Her earthquake, tornado and hurricane prophecies surely stand the test of time.  She's better than Nostradamus and there is no one who provides the depth of information she does. We need to get people to listen.  It could help save many lives and prevent people from going through unnecessary disasters."

    - Jon A, South Carolina, USA



And for those who want to learn even more ......


Read Her Holiness' book, 

"BE IN THE KNOW," a special, limited edition that will not be offered through book stores.  For people who are desirous to know the TRUTH about the past, current global conditions and our future; who understand that we live in perilous times, who are interested in safety information and safety locations, this book is a must read!  Over 400 pages in length and includes Her Holiness' prophecies.

Benefit by the preparedness and safety information she brings to navigate your way through the perilous times ahead until the great New Golden Age unfolds.  Plus, much more! Be part of bringing change to the planet.  Be empowered.  BE IN THE KNOW!  Click here for more information.  


Please be aware that Her Holiness provides a great deal of information that is readily accessible to the public.  For more than nine years she hosted "Eye on the Future Radio," which aired three times a week.  Her weekly "Soul Journey" shows offered thought-provoking and awareness-raising discussions on soul, spirituality, prophecy and more.  Other shows gave a wealth of information on exposures, disclosures, UFOs, alternative health, alternative energy and much more.  


There are now over 170 videos posted on YouTube that provide valuable information on a variety of topics.  Safety information is available.  In addition, her blog provides a chance to participate in discussions.  Her Holiness continues to offer remote healing and spiritual blessings.  Her humanitarian efforts are well known from Genoa, Italy to First Nations' reserves in Alberta, to the streets of Vancouver, to the United Kingdom, to Brazil and beyond to locations all over the world.


Visit The Cosmic Energy Experience and Eye on the Future Radio

 for more information about Her Holiness and her work.

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