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  Vision / Mission of the Saoshyant

Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart

Around the World for Global Peace

H.H. Alexandra H.


Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah's vision is of a new tomorrow a world where humanity lives in peace, harmony and spiritual attunement, where respect exists for all of creation, where global suffering is eliminated and dignity is restored for the disenfranchised, and where true soul growth is facilitated.  


Her Holiness' mission, predefined before her arrival on earth, is to educate mankind about their true past, their current conditions and future possibilities; to effect peaceful change, to help bring about global peace; and to raise mankind into their own spiritual empowerment and soul growth.


Her Holiness works to:

  • Return people to the belief in one Creator - the All of the All - one divine source.

  • Help people to understand that they are divine soul - divine consciousness - which will one day return to the Creator's essence.

  • Raise people into their highest level of spirituality and spiritual empowerment.

  • Educate that through true love and compassion we can create a divine environment on earth.

  • Awaken the masses to gentle, selfless, compassionate and greed-free living. 

  • Bring people into their own soul empowerment.

  • Help people to live in the know, not the now, for the now is but a fleeting moment and true soul growth is contingent on being aware and living and acting in wisdom for a better tomorrow.

  • Educate people that karma is now - this existence - and that all actions have consequences that must be dealt with before one passes to the other world.

  • Help facilitate change from a "me" to an "us" based society, where the power is in the all, not in the one. 

  • Assist during these times of turbulence and change to give information, comfort and guidance to the masses.  Educate people about Mother Earth's rebellion at having been raped of her resources, robbed of her animal and plant life and poisoned by greed ... and of the powerfully elite who threaten this planet's survival and mankind's existence with their depopulation agenda.

  • Educate the masses about their true history and how the people of earth have the power to change and regain their highest spiritual attunement - not by being followers but rather by becoming masters themselves - by becoming their own pipers. Bring together a world of diverse souls with differing religious and spiritual backgrounds. Make people aware that they must look before they leap by analyzing and responding in wisdom instead of acting on emotional or conditioned response. 

  • Bring people into their highest intelligence to use their own spiritual transformance to have a more abundant, peaceful and secure life - not through empty symbolic gestures such as hugging but rather through living with compassion, wisdom and respect for life.

  • Raise awareness of what is really happening in the world today. Break down the barriers of religious bigotry, hatred, racism and prejudice. 

  • Help to stop poverty.  Bring back uncontaminated trees and fields to grow non-genetically engineered foods for the masses as the planet can adequately support those who live in honour, respect and spirituality.  

  • Alert people of those who will be coming to this planet - some with wonderful intent such as the Ethereans, and others whose agenda, if left unchecked, will attempt to enslave and victimize the earth population. Alert, as well, of those on earth who would attempt to enslave others. 

  • Teach people that the Creator's wish "Thou Shalt Not Kill"  is paramount to abide by, and that killing and murder are the same. Killing is killing however mankind attempts to justify it. Educate people to become vegetarians, as the Creator intended. 

  • Awaken peace in the hearts of every man, woman and especially of every child by teaching them to walk in the moccasins of those who live nearby or far away.  Raise people's compassion in order to heal all ancient wounds and prevent future ones. Help to bring global peace so all can dance in the sun and rejoice in a gentle rain. 

  • Lead a spiritual movement for the First Zarathustrian Way to bring together people of all races, creeds and colours in order to bring change and create a world of compassion, kindness and respect.  

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