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Recognition as the Saoshyant

My name is Sarah and I’m writing from Vancouver, Canada.  I wanted to share a little about how I first met Her Holiness.

Back in the 1990s, I was first introduced to Her Holiness through an Iranian lady by the name of Parvin.  Parvin was a most lovely, warm lady who always had a smile and kind words for everyone.  She was generous of spirit and was there for others in need of help.  Parvin explained to me that she was Zarathustrian but that her spiritual beliefs had to be hidden in Iran for there was persecution from the Muslims.  Even in Canada she was cautious of who she spoke with about her true beliefs for lingering fear of reprisal from religious zealots within the community. I had the pleasure of meeting Parvin’s family too.  

Parvin, her family, and also the Persian men who had accompanied her in visiting Her Holiness, recognized that she was a holy woman – their long-awaited Saoshyant.  Her Holiness queried them as to why they would not have searched for a man in this respect and they responded that Ahura Mazda did not say that the Saoshyant was a man or woman and that since women in Iran were having a very hard time under Muslim rule, that Ahura Mazda had sent a woman in order to help empower women during the difficult times that lay ahead.  They spoke of the ancient writings that talked about the one who would come. To them it did not matter that Her Holiness was born in Europe and was living in Canada.  Nor did it matter that Her Holiness did not speak their language.  As they said, the one sent to bring light would bring it not only to the Persian people but to the world, transcending all perceived misconceptions and giving them hope.  Parvin said that Zarathustrians knew that the Saoshyant was upon the earth but many did not know that it was a woman.  

Parvin knew of how much good Her Holiness had done for so many and of the clarity and empowerment she brought in her spiritual message and teachings.  She also knew that having a woman as Saoshyant would open the doors to free women out of condemnation, servitude, suppression and oppression and from the great lie spread by those who say women have no soul.  Interestingly, those who were there for the “birth” and youth of Her Holiness in Holland had long proclaimed her the holy prophet here to help mankind through times ahead. 

Parvin pleaded with Her Holiness to accept the designation, to represent those from Persia and from the ancient Valley of the Goats and all who live in danger by practising their Zarathustrian beliefs and peaceful way of life.  Sadly, it was not too long after that Parvin succumbed to cancer. She had spoken of Zarathustrians in Iran who lived in the area where the Shah had resided and who had mysteriously died prematurely.  She herself was from that area as were her family. Her son and family members left Canada soon after her passing and returned to Iran.  Unfortunately I heard that they too have passed away.  Perhaps they knew their destiny and wanted to return to their homeland first.

It would take Her Holiness until 2004 to decide to accept the designation and the responsibility it brought with it.  She wanted to ensure that the Persian people and others from around the world of Zarathustrian heritage would know that it was with great honour for all that she would bring the message of peaceful intent, and good thoughts, good words and good deeds to the world and that she would do her best to ensure respect be held for all those of Zarathustrian belief.

We who have known Her Holiness understand why Parvin and those with her would consider her the Saoshyant.  We have witnessed the miracles, the profound information she has given and the tremendous love and compassion she has for all.  We have also witnessed the hatred from those who have much to hide for her light is one that attracts other light and darkness as well.  The light ones rejoice, the dark ones rebel and attack. There is yin and yang in everything, but Her Holiness says that peace and balance must come about.

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