Letter from a Zoroastrian



The following letter was received in September 2003 by Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah from a Zoroastrian living in the United States, who had listened to her radio show, had followed her prophecies and witnessed her peace efforts. 

"You know I am a Zoroastrian and in our religious text there is a prophecy about a coming prophet (which I believe is you) as this: 

:30 'And at that time, O Zartosht the Spitaman! all men will become deceivers, great friends will become of different parties, and respect, affection, hope, and regard for the soul will depart from the world; the affection of the father will depart from the son; and that of the brother from his brother; the son-in-law will become a beggar (kidyak or kasik) from his father-in-law, and the mother will be parted and estranged from the daughter. 

31. 'When it is the end of thy tenth hundredth winter, O Zartosht the Spitaman! the sun is more unseen and more spotted (vasangtar); the year, month, and day are shorter; and the earth of Spandarmad is more barren, and fuller of highwaymen; and the crop will not yield the seed, so that of the crop of the corn-fields in ten cases seven will diminish and three will increase, and that which increases does not become ripe; and vegetation, trees, and shrubs will diminish; when one shall take a hundred, ninety will diminish and ten will increase, and that which increases gives no pleasure and flavor. 

32. 'And men are born smaller, and their skill and strength are less; they become more deceitful and more given to vile practices; they have no gratitude and respect for bread and salt, and they have no affection for their country....

38. 'Honorable wealth will all proceed to those of perverted faith (kevid-keshan); it comes to the transgressors, and virtuous doers of good works, from the families of noblemen even unto the wise men (mog-mardan), remain running about uncovered... 

41. 'And in that tenth hundredth winter, which is the end of thy millennium, O righteous Zartosht! all mankind will bind torn hair, disregarding revelation, so that a willingly-disposed cloud and a righteous wind are not able to produce rain in its proper time and season.

42. And a dark cloud makes the whole sky night, and the hot wind and the cold wind arrive, and bring along fruit and seed of corn, even the rain in its proper time; and it does not rain, and that which rains also rains more noxious creatures than water; and the water of rivers and springs will diminish, and there will be no increase...

55. So Ohrmazd spoke to Zartosht the Spitaman thus: ' Inquire fully and learn by heart thoroughly! teach it by Zand, Pazand, and explanation! tell it to the priests and disciples who speak forth in the world, and those who are not aware of the hundred winters, tell it then to them! so that, for the hope of a future existence, and for the preservation of their own souls, they may remove the trouble, evil, and oppression which those of other religions cause in the ceremonies of religion (dino yesnan).

56. And, moreover, I tell thee this, O Zartosht the Spitaman! that whoever, in that time, appeals for the body is not able to save the soul, for he is as it were fat, and his soul is hungry and lean in hell; whoever appeals for the soul, his body is hungry and lean through the misery of the world, and destitute, and his soul is fat in heaven....

.....For in their evil reigns, within the countries of Iran, there were not seven1 towns which were desolate as they will be when it is the end of thy millennium....

.....Zartosht inquired of Ohrmazd thus: 'O Ohrmazd, propitious spirit! creator of the material world, righteous one! whence do they restore this good religion of the Mazdayasnians?

....'O Zartosht the Spitaman! after the ill-omened sovereignty of those of the race of Wrath there is a fiend, Shedaspih of the Kilisyakih, from the countries of Salman;' Mah- vand-dad said that these people are Ruman (Arumayak), and Roshan said that they have red weapons, red banners, and red hats (kulah). 

4. 'It is when a symptom of them appears, as they advance, O Zartosht the Spitaman! the sun and the dark show signs, and the moon becomes manifest of various colors; earthquakes (bum-guzhand), too, become numerous, and the wind comes more violently; in the world want, distress, and discomfort come more into view; and Mercury and Jupiter advance the sovereignty for the vile, and they are in hundreds and thousands and myriads. 

5. They have the red banner of the fiend Shedaspih of Kilisyakih, and they hasten much their progress to these countries of Iran which I, Ohrmazd, created, up to the bank of the Arvand,' some have said the Frat river, 'unto the Greeks (Yunan) dwelling in Asuristan;' they are Greeks by strict reckoning, and their Assyrian dwelling is this, that they slay the Assyrian people therein, and thus they will destroy their abode, some have said the lurking-holes (grestak) of the demons.

'They turn back those of the race of Wrath in hundreds and thousands and myriads; and the banners, standards, and an innumerable army of those demons with disheveled hair will come to these countries of Iran which I, Ohrmazd, created.

7. And the army of the invader is an extending enemy of the Turk and even the Karm, be it with banners aloft when he shall set up a banner, be it through the excessive multitude which will remain -- like hairs in the mane of a horse -- in the countries of Iran which I, Ohrmazd, created.

When these things happen in the world the next prophet will come to exist. I believe that the time has come. I believe you are the promised prophet and I am ready to help you in any way that I can."

- Kiumars




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