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"You are responsible and accountable for your own actions and truthfulness to self and others in all you do. Each action you take has a consequence - cause and effect - and must be dealt with before surrendering your physical body in order that your soul continues on unencumbered. One must strive towards good thoughts, good words, good deeds and no killing on a moment to moment basis, as your soul evolvement is what is of paramount importance." 

- H.H. Alexandra H.



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The First Zarathustrian Way 



What is Zarathustrianism? 

Zarathustrianism (Zoroastrianism) is not a religion as the world today would know one.  Rather, it is a state of being - a way of life - a belief in one Creator, everlasting soul, vegetarianism, and of living humble, kind, compassionate lives of service to the planet and to humanity.  Zarathustrians are pure living,  peaceful people who do not believe in killing, who advocate tolerance and respect, and who work to break down the barriers of racism, hatred, prejudice and religious bigotry.

Zarathustrianism dates back more than 12,000 years and is based on the teachings and philosophy of Zarathustra, a Persian lawgiver and prophet. Zarathustrianism predates the Hebrew faith, Christianity, today's Buddhism (which is only 400 plus years old), and Islam.  

It was after the last polar shift, following the demise of Atlantis and Lemuria, that Zarathustra walked this planet.  Mankind is now at a similar juncture in its existence and it is time that people come together for the betterment of all and the well being of mother earth.

The First Zarathustrian Way

The time has come upon the planet when the principles of Zarathustrianism need to reach the masses as a beacon of light for positive global change and to guide humanity into a kind, gentle and compassionate existence.    

It is for this reason that Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah has initiated the First Zarathustrian Way - a return to responsibility for all our actions.  The First Zarathustrian Way is a unique spiritual movement for a new tomorrow - one that encourages people to own their own spirituality - one that is unencumbered by religions or other influences and entrapments - one where people are truly free.  It is a highly mystical return to spiritual self empowerment.

Her Holiness leads people back to a place of freedom, where people make their own connection with the All of the All and are empowered to become their own spiritual masters through spiritual development and evolvement. Her Holiness is interested in people becoming leaders, not 'sheeple' who allow others to direct, control and manipulate them to their own agendas and benefit.  She encourages people to take responsibility for their own soul journey and the impact their choices have on their families, friends and associates. 

The First Zarathustrian Way is not intended to replace current Zarathustrian/Zoroastrian teachings or communities but rather to reawaken and expand Ahura Mazda's (I'huaMazda) and Zarathustra's message to the world during these difficult times on the planet.  Based on inclusiveness, the First Zarathustrian Way reaches out to all people of like minds and peaceful intent and encourages all to become participants to create a better world. 

Ancient Guiding Principles:

  • Reverence for the Divine All of the All

  • The fellowship of humanity

  • The communion of Etherean angels

  • The continuous existence of the human soul

  • Personal responsibility and accountability

  • Equality between men and women

  • Respect and compassion for all that exists

  • Compensation and retribution today and hereafter for all good and evil deeds done on earth

  • Eternal progress open to every human soul

  • Harmonious, peaceful existence

  • Living the highest light of one’s soul

good thoughts :: good words :: good deeds

no killing :: justice for all :: change


The Faravahar


The Faravahar has a profound significance. It is a symbol used by Zarathustrians / Zoroastrians around the world, reminding of the purpose of life and the progression of soul. It represents everlasting life, shows the duality of  the two opposing forces of good and bad, and indicates divine universal law to strive to lead a good and morally upright life in order to progress and attain union with the All of the All.

The circle in the centre of the figure - which shows no beginning or end - represents the soul and its immortality. 

The wings enable the soul to evolve and progress. In showing flight, they reflect mankind's advancement. The feathers to the left and right represent good thoughts (or good reflection), good words and good deeds. 

In the lower part of the Faravahar there are three parts that  represent bad thoughts (or bad reflections), bad words and bad deeds that cause misery for human beings.

The two opposing forces - one positive and one negative - are reflected in the two loops to the left and right, showing the continuous conflict that is present between the two. The soul, sitting in the middle, has choice to proceed to the good and turn away from the bad.

The Faravahar's face indicates connection to humanity. 

One hand of the Faravahar is raised,  showing man's striving for the higher good.  The other holds a ring that is a representative of the progression of soul to attain union with Ahura Mazda (I'hua'Mazda). 

It is interesting to note that First Nations' name for Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah is Thunderbird Woman, meaning the messenger between the Great Spirit -the Creator - and mankind.  The thunderbird itself is larger than an eagle.  The winged symbolism reflects similarities in the theme represented in the Faravahar.


More information on the history of Zarathustra, Zarathustrianism and which religions originated out of it are available in Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah's book, "Be in the Know," and to members.  Also, see the 'writings' page for additional references to Zarathustrianism and Ahura Mazda (I'huaMazda).

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