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  The Etherean Travellers

Who Are The Etherean Travellers?

The Etherean Travellers are beings from the Etherean Worlds—other planes and plateaus to which one can progress—who bring a message of peace and change in the new millennium. 

The Travellers can take on whatever shape or form they wish, in the physical or non-physical, as necessary for the conditions in which they sojourn. They travel at greater than the speed of light, which is like a human's speed of thought.

Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah is accompanied on earth by her friends from the Etherean Worlds. These travellers bring you messages of spiritual enlightenment and provide their commentary on human, earth and universal conditions.

Etherean Beings Amongst Us

For those with spiritual vision, seeing life beyond our physical dimension is normal but for many it is seldom that a glimpse of life beyond human sight is given.  

Below you can see a pink soul energy in a tree (1). This picture was taken by someone walking with Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah who was unaware of the energy until the photo from the digital camera was viewed.  When enlarged the soul's features are visible (1a).  Look closely.  Interestingly, this same soul energy followed Her Holiness, evidence of which appeared in other photos taken that day.  

Soul energy in tree (1) 

Soul energy in tree enlarged (1a) 


The pictures below were taking with infrared film during a lecture Her Holiness Alexandra H. gave in Vancouver, Canada.  First you see Her Holiness on stage (1).  Her Holiness continues her lecture in (2).  Her Holiness begins to dematerialize (3). Her Holiness continues to dematerialize (4).  Her Holiness rematerializes and several Etherean beings materialize with her (5). Another Etherean being joins Her Holiness onstage (6).  A large cloaked being from the lower realms appears in the aisle and watches the activities onstage (7).  


H.H. Alexandra Commences Lecture (1)

H.H. Alexandra Continues

Lecture (2)


H.H. Alexandra Begins to De-materialize (3)


H.H. Alexandra Continues
to De-materialize (4)

Etherean Beings Materialize

with H.H. Alexandra. (5) 

Another Etherean Being Joins

H.H. Alexandra Onstage (6) 


A Cloaked Figure from the

Lower Realms Appears

in  the Aisle (7) 


All photos above provided courtesy of H.H. Alexandra H.  No reproduction or distribution allowed without express written permission.

Messages from the Etherean Travellers 

Ahtmar - September 7th, 1964 - Italy

So many of you have asked over the years, as you are asking again even during this time, about my background.    

I was here upon the earth during the PAN times. Many of you will understand it to be Atlantis.  I was from a background where my mother was a Sa'moan goddess who had descended during the times of Pan from the higher realms. She had a relationship with a human royal entity who later agreed to bring forth upon the earth new godly beings. Thus, half god / half human came forth out of the relationship.  During that time I was educated in the two worlds, as well as by the L'hins, who also educated the one you called Zoroaster, who actually is Zarathustra.  I, from the other dimension, have returned with the holy prophet Zarathustra of ancient times to be here once more during very trying times. For you who are asking how many of us are there are upon earth, I declare one Ahtmar, one prophet Zarathustra, one Alika, one Kiryon, one James, one Haida, one Sophia and one former earth spirit called Mr. James.  We are preparing the path for the indigo children to come and use their wisdom to assist the earth during its time of future turmoil and confusion. If you ask if I have a last name, as humans do, my last name is Rmbalore.  So do the others have last names, but last names in our spiritual Etherean realm are of not  much consequence.  For the earthlings who work with us, it is enough to have a first name. 

We would like to remind humanity that pettiness creates confusion and hatred, and that greed  comes out of fear and creates wars.  This is the time when mankind needs to realize that this is not a time of one, but a time of all, as you are very quickly having to deal with changes as your earth travels upward in the universe and farther away from your sun.  Your earth is moving onwards and upwards towards a major change - meaning a polar shift.  I warned you when you questioned me about Venucia (Venice).  I told you that the waters would be rising and it would look like it is sinking. Governments are not telling you and never have told you the actual truth since they themselves were not/are not  informed of the rising waters globally.  Your planet is rich in resources and poor on spirituality. You bicker constantly over what religion you belong to. You bicker about how much money you have and how poor another country is. In reality the planet does not belong to anyone on earth. It belongs to the divine Creator - the All of the All.  The Gods of ancient times and the Gods who are at this time over your planet are concerned about the deceit, greed and arrogance of the two handfuls of men who proclaim to control your planet.  Little do they know in their arrogance that in the after-life an accounting from self to self will have to be delivered in front of the  Gods. 

We know from times gone by that religions of today have attained power through murder and great injustice towards the people they were supposedly to serve spiritually. However, historical facts have never been given to humanity as truth since those who are in power and control your planet do change, adulterate and abuse the truth on a continual basis for they would lose if truth were served up.  For instance, look at the true historical facts regarding Alexandria, where for thousands of years history and historical facts about the lands, the peoples, the prophets and the holy beings who sojourned your planet, were kept. Look what Coatulus, the Christian priest and the Black Friars (the Jesuits) did in burning down the Library of Alexandria several times. What did they do to your prophet Zarathustra? They stole the Zarathustra history, manipulated it and made from it the Jesus story. You have to thank the Aryans and Romans for this great insult to future generations - to manipulate and control them. The very ones who burned down libraries and stole parchments throughout the Middle East and Europe are the ones who have housed most of all the ancient records in Vatican.  Vatican and religious bigots annihilated the innocents who practiced their beliefs and handed down throughout of the ages truths about their Creator, the Ethereans and the spirit world. Also, they erased the knowledge that people are consciousness, soul, spirit and body. The time is now to realize that there are many, in their confusion and aggrandizement, who will do whatever it takes to break down the fabric of spirituality.  What will they do to your prophet of ancient times who has returned as H.H. Alexandra Hehpsehboah and lives amongst you and who will soon give guidance and enlightenment about your future and about the true past? 

At this moment in 1964, it is time to awaken for there will even be those who did hear of me or will know about me and who would like to or will take claim to my name in the future.  It matters not since those that do are filled with ego. Petty psychics and aggrandizers are not useful to anyone.  Alika, Haida and I have a very long journey ahead on your planet. 

There will be mediums in the future who will be of great service to help people understand life-after-life. It is a mere changing of venue for humanity when you call it death - transforming from an earthly realm into other realms before returning to the Etherean plateau. Be kind, I advise you, to one another. Assist the indigo children. Do not attempt to mislead them for many of them are Ethereans in human bodies who will descend upon  your planet after the year 1975. 

I hope that this has offered explanation to you. Maybe it does not and we shall have another discussion. I can hear your thoughts and you want to know more about my abode and the work we do throughout the universe as well as upon your planet.  I cannot give you flowery hocus pocus language. I would not waste my time since energy used purely for the good of all is perfect energy.  Let us speak again.


A Thief


He looked at his shadow at sunrise 

   and he said, “I have not enough

   I never have enough

   I will heist the all today


And he went looking to have his heist

   but midday came

   a mirror on his path appeared

   and the want for his heist disappeared


He said, “A crust will do”

   and the mirror reflected his soul

   the dew forgave his soul 


The sun came

   life anew began 




Fear is the word for the next 14 years.  The number one fear to look for is within oneself – the fear of being lonely and experiencing loneliness – a trap from childhood feelings of abandonment and of memories of not being of great value.  Worthlessness and not living up to ‘reasonable’ and ‘unreasonable’ expectations, creates emptiness or the feeling of belonging because of success, while remaining lonely and unfulfilled.


“Why?” you ask.  Well, if there is no evaluating, approving and encouraging by adults to guide the small being on its journey laid down on earth, then he or she is belittled, down pushed and discouraged. And so one begins to fail and accidents start to happen. The caregivers who did all right have no guilt.


Then you fall into one of two avenues.  One is more survivalist oriented and the other is total destruction.  When we choose the one of self-denial and destruction, we seek peers with likewise experiences in their past who are also on a down esteem existence.  Drugs and alcohol are used for escape and rebellion is directed into crime. The other route is seeking to be grandiose and spectacular, becoming the  ‘so great success.’  This leads to true hard-core business practices, or spectacular behavior going on a path to become the ‘movie star’ by saying, “Look, here I am.  I am so great, but don’t ask me how I feel inside. I am so lonely even after marrying many times and using alcohol and drugs to try to find comfort and fill the hole of emptiness.


Then there are those, who in order to feel that they are not that dirty themselves, go out and do the same thing that was done to them.  They partake in major child abuse and pornography out of anger, and the result is greater delusion created by energy that is not directed in a positive direction.  Then hatred to self and others comes into existence.


Now is the time for self-examination to bring about change for oneself, to heal the pain and to spread about the joy of well being.  To bring about change we no longer need to use wars for all this anger.  The people as a whole on this earth have to come to analyze that becoming a soldier should not be an outlet for past pain, disillusionment, anger and hatred. Also, they need not to be in a state to seek approval from those who are in the same state of confusion.  Make others aware that this is not the way to seek approval or to gain value.  Just seek wisdom to create a balanced life. 


Wars and these who engage in war are soul destroying and their actions create greater pain felt by millions of people and those in nature.  Seek to understand self first and question your actions.  Then put yourself on the receiving end.


And so the words are healing and change – living in your own reality.  To become a whole being is living in your own reality.  To live a whole life is to embrace love, strength, willpower and compassion.  A mature ego respects all truths in others and in self and will never be condemning.  It will only be looking for goodness and beauty.  Self-evaluation is the key to all perfection and to the opening of great spirituality.


To The All


A word of dedication

   in a world confused and bewildered
   rendered helpless by humanity’s seemingly unkindness to man   

   and beast and nature 


The fountain of caring compassion through affection

   has turned into a trickle freezing up

   in the stadium of human existence 

   creating despair and a sense of loss


Her Holiness Alexandra likes to make all aware

   that now is the time to assess and aim with unswerving compassion 

   to guide our awakening to an era of true peace and harmony 

   and wholesome coexistence 


Through understanding

   and without racism, hatred, greed 

   become angels of forever
   by resisting war and destruction


Others who live in delusion, not in soul awareness 

   have the choice

   to tomorrow’s goodness


The Justice

Life and death

   live plants suck up the elements of soil 

   sheep feed on the grassy meadow

   the wolf preys upon the sheep 

   the unicorn preys upon the lion

   the hunter on the wolf   

   man on man, even the child is not safe


And death in its turn destroys all


Man and beast so of nature – no one knows peace


Life and hateful power must find thus a painful end 


An ocean does gather back

   to purifying 

   depths, sands and mountains


The earth

   in its motherly travail

   thus begins its purification 

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