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 Lectures by the Saoshyant ™

Awaken to Your Own Perfection and Divinity of Soul

Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah speaks to diverse groups across all demographics and religious and spiritual affiliations on a wide variety of subjects.  She never ceases to amaze those who hear her. For so many it is a life-changing experience. Often having to usher people out the door at closing is the greatest challenge, for peoples' thirst for knowledge and awareness is awakened and their desire to hear and learn more is great.  Her Holiness opens the door to personal spiritual empowerment and those who step through are never the same. 


Please Note:  A message from the volunteers who work with H.H. Alexandra.  Her Holiness is not currently able to continue to do volunteer  lectures at this time.  She has been recuperating from a serious motor vehicle accident (for which she was not at fault).  She does continue to post to her blog and offer insights and teachings in this way for the time being.  Please stay tuned for updates.  

Current Topics

The Soul 


The soul is the essence of who we are, where we came from, what we do, what we become and where we go. Her Holiness shares otherworldly information unlike anything you will have been exposed to before.  By guiding people to soul empowerment, Her Holiness awakens them to their own potential and creates desire for positive change.


She speaks of soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and clarifies the importance and interaction of each in this world and the world beyond.

Be in the Know 

  • Our true past 

  • Current conditions and agendas at play

  • Universal and global earth changes 

  • Future political, economic and social events

  • What to expect and to what to look forward.  

  • What lies ahead over the next 25 years and beyond?  

  • Global warming?  No, it is the initial stages of a polar shift! 

  • The impact of war and nuclear explosions.  

  • What can be done to bring change

  • A golden new era.  

The Body  


Renowned internationally in holistic healing circles, Her Holiness has brought wellness to the lives of thousands of people worldwide.  With over thirty years experience as a homeopathic practitioner, combined with her knowledge of the healing power of those from the higher realms, she speaks on the process and power of self-healing – for lay people and professionals alike.  New forms of technology are discussed.  Amazing and spectacular video footage of angel healings in Brazil demonstrates the ability of the unseen world to heal.


Change Yourself – Change the World  


Recognize that offering guidance and protection to your children, breaking down barriers of racism and prejudice, offering compassion and kindness in place of hatred and greed, and learning to truly respect one another and mother earth are the keys to the survival of mankind.  Mass change begins with the individual. Raise your social consciousness into social responsibility. Learn how you can make a difference.  Effect global change and world peace through self-knowledge.  


Wake-up Call  


Are you aware that your freedom and rights are drifting away from you at an alarming rate? Do you know how you are being manipulated into states of subliminally imposed fear and suspicion? Do you realize that you do not need to be entrapped in the subtle and covert control of the powers that be? Are you aware that you can reclaim your power to effect change for the betterment of yourself, the earth, and all its inhabitants? Do you understand that the greatest power you have is love and compassion, or do you say, “It is not my business” when you see an injustice or a person crying out for economical or emotional support? There is no wisdom in the breakdown of society. The time to create change is upon us.   


The Material and Financial World  


The financial and personal empowerment markets are rife with people who purport to have ways to instant financial freedom and magic wands to raise the self into empowerment.  They are often built principally on hype and give a narrow view of how to truly achieve in life. Her Holiness puts the material world in context of the spiritual world.  


By providing usable futurist information concerning global markets, economic and political conditions, the banking system, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and more, she alerts people of what lies ahead, thus allowing them to be in a state of preparedness and to do what is necessary to protect and secure themselves and their loved ones.  



  • Truth about its origin. 

  • How is it used to manipulate the masses?

  • What do they have planned for the future? A New World Order Religion?

  • The New World Order Relgion

  • What is the difference between religion and spirituality?

Career and an Empowered Spirit

  • Become an empowered spirit. 

  • How to deal with the challenges of a new tomorrow in the workplace by returning the power to the spirit.

  • Using your intuition in the new corporate environment.  

Alcohol and Drug Use - Another Reason to Quit!

  • How ghosts get involved and the resulting risks to people.

Personal Empowerment

  • What is happening with global communities and religion?

  • Spiritual enrichment and how to attain it. 

  • Owning your own spirituality.  

  • Empowerment, dignity and self-esteem for the masses.

Preparedness and Survival (Disaster Situations)

  • Specific, practical guidelines in a unique information and assistance program.  

  • How to call upon your angel guides for help.

Thoughts are Things

  • How to direct your thoughts for positive impact.

Spiritual Healing

  • True healing possibilities through the angel world.  

  • Spiritual surgery – the real and the fraudulent.

Healing of Physical Self   

  • Learn to be alert to changes in your body. 

  • What can be done to bring about healing?

Healing of Spiritual Self

  • Set yourself free, let others go and be healed.  

  • Forgiveness.

You Are Never Alone   

  • Helpers from the spirit world.  

  • How to communicate with angels and guides.


  • Peace and calmness for the dying.  

  • Her Holiness' four life-after-life experiences (once returning one hour and forty-five minutes after being proclaimed legally dead).


  • The misunderstanding. The real story.  It is not what you think.


  • Where they come from and why they are becoming visible now? 

  • Who can we expect and when?


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