Spiritual Walk 

of the Saoshyant






Perfect Soul




In the Words of Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah ....


"I returned here because of the conditions and spiritual confusion that is taking place upon the earth, in order to open the hearts of humanity to love and compassion and to raise up empathy for all people around the earth  - all races, creeds and colours.  Giving love within your very small circle does not shine out to uplift the soul.  If you shone it out around the planet and beyond, it would raise up all divine energies to embrace your planet.


The timing of my recognition by others as the Saoshyant - Zarathustra returned - is no coincidence for it is well known by many and was foretold that it would be now that I would go out into the world to speak to the masses and bring soul awakening and healing - for this would be the time when the final battle between good and evil takes place on this earth plane.  Having experienced and survived World War II, I understand the pain and suffering of civilian populations, of invasions, and of the fear of mothers, grandmothers and children for their future. 


It is also no coincidence that I would return using a woman's body as my vehicle, for the world is in so much need of motherly love and wisdom. The shift in the universe to mother energies came about in 2004 in order to bring humanity and the planet the awareness and nurturing needed to withstand the future battles and difficult times ahead. That the Creator would have me return to the earth in a woman's body may have surprised the non-believers, but the believers understand that gender is important in this time of great pain and suffering for the planet .. when millions of innocents are losing their lives in wars worldwide and through great famine, disease and global disasters.  The motherly voice and energy is needed now more than ever before in earth's history.


Also of no coincidence is it that I returned during this the Iron Age when humanity is under such threat of being drawn into devastating war, whether they are being baited with empty carrots of materialism which risk them abandoning their spirituality of old, whether they are being used as tools in igniting conflicts between those of ancient religions and nations or whether they are following the lead of those whose motives are masked.    


As a true divine messenger, I inspire humanity to look at its history and at itself no matter how painful it is and to bring about self healing and healing of the planet.  As a divine mother, I  know that we cannot kiss away the evils that lie within. Neither can humanity kiss away their hidden darkness.  In order to bring forward true healing, love and compassion, we must go in through the abbeys of our souls and cut away anger and hatred to restore love and peace. 


We are living in a time when some scientists believe that they can capture the soul in a bottle. How foolish they are. No soul, no spirit, no divine consciousness could ever be bottled up and sold from a store shelf. We are divinely created and are part of Creation - created by the one, and only one, All of the All.  Humanity may have been fooled by the many names of the many Gods who they placed at the same level as the All of the All. 


One's spirituality is one's own.  Humanity needs to realize, now more than ever, that they must raise their divine spirituality to live righteous and compassionate lives of truth, without fear.  By living in peace and by spreading love and peace around us, people will raise up their spirit - a spirit that is not for sale for it belongs in one universe, to one Creator - the All of the All.


I have dedicated my life to Creator for the service of humanity and will do everything in my power to peacefully fulfill my mission on earth. 


Good Thoughts :: Good Words :: Good Deeds :: No Killing

Justice for All :: CHANGE 



A Warm Thank You 


Please allow me, from the deepest of my soul, to thank all of you who participated in the selection of myself as the Divine Holy Prophet and Spiritual Leader for Zarathustrians / Zoroastrians and Faithists.  


I humbly have accepted your appointment and will do whatever is in my power as a prophet to bring compassionate, respectful and peaceful existence for all of humanity, free from racism, hatred and prejudice.


I will also work to create conditions where people are not in fear of coming forward with their beliefs.   


With holy reverence for all,

H.H. Alexandra Hehpsehboah




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